Payne & Domke: Warren Campaign Adjusts

BOSTON — Trailing incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown in the polls, Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren is out with several new TV ads to counter criticism of the campaign’s old ads, which some said were preachy.

With just over 50 days until Election Day, WBUR’s political analysts, Democrat Dan Payne and Republican Todd Domke, joined Morning Edition Friday to discuss the race.

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  • comment

    Brown’s campaign is confident that you will pick apart even the smallest personal flaw, misstep, and misspeak on behalf of Elizabeth Warren, yet leave ….the guy….the male….off with all of his personal flaws, missteps, misspeaks, and out right distortions.

    Shame on you.

    Why is Scott Brown the only national reservist in Massachusetts who has not served in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why did no one question all the commentary, and the psychology behind those statements, about “Kings and Queens”? Why has no one questioned Brown’s connection to the Koch Brothers, etc? Why did Brown switch his reservist position from his home state of Massachusetts to Maryland? Why has Brown been left off the hook on all of his anti-woman votes? Why has no one questioned Brown calling himself the only one who will be left in the Senate who will represent the interests of the Jewish community? Why has no one questioned Brown’s inappropriate rant to high school students at King Philip students, while his daughters where being driven (maybe even in the truck) to a $75,000 a year high school education? ….etc. etc.

    I would love to say stick to the issues, yet the tactics of a dirty campaign also need to be discussed.

  • wareinparis

    My personal “favorite” from Brown is his claim that he filed the bill which became the STOCK Act, making it illegal for members of Congress to benefit by insider trading in the stock market. While he a hand in it, the bill Obama signed into law was not the one filed by Brown. He’s a liar. Read and believe.

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