Warren ‘Appalled’ By Video Of Brown Backers Yelling War Whoops

BOSTON — Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren says she is “appalled” by the behavior of two people in a video who approach Warren supporters shouting war whoops and performing tomahawk chops.

A Massachusetts Republican Party spokesman confirmed one of its field coordinators, Brad Garnett, is seen on the video leading the whoops and making tomahawk gestures. State Democratic officials identified another person making tomahawk motions as Jack Richard, a member of Brown’s U.S. Senate office.

“If this had happened on my staff, there would be consequences,” Warren said at a press conference Tuesday. “There would be serious consequences.”

The video was posted online by the Democrat-leaning Blue Mass Group, which said it was recorded at a Brown rally on Saturday in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. The actions are an apparent reference to Warren’s claims of Native American heritage.

Brown said Tuesday he hadn’t seen the video, which surfaced online the day published reports outlined legal work Warren performed for a company fighting a federal mandate to pay additional money into a health care fund for retired coal miners.

“That’s not something I condone. That’s certainly something, if I am aware of it, I would tell that member not to do it again,” Brown said. “I know everyone is in the throes of the political season. I ask everyone to show real class and decorum on both sides.”

Officials from Brown’s campaign and his Senate office wouldn’t say if any of their staffers were involved. Garnett did not immediately return a call or email.

With reporting by the Associated Press and WBUR’s Fred Thys

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  • Jasoturner

    Look, I’ll probably vote for Warren, but if she’s “appalled” by this, she doesn’t know the first thing about being a minority.  This kind of crap happens all the time, and she should try not to milk it so blatantly.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OMSZNL44EJJZ27IK6EA2QZBPW4 Guy

      Oh, and I’ll probably vote for Brown, but, no, “this kind of crap” does NOT happen all the time, and I hope she “milks” this to death, because I don’t want to be represented by someone who thinks it’s scum like this that put him in office.

      • Jasoturner

         Easy big guy.  I would say 80%+ of my minority friends have been subjected to comments or actions not dissimilar to this.  This kind of crap does happen.  Just not much to white Americans.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/OMSZNL44EJJZ27IK6EA2QZBPW4 Guy

           you take it easy, cupcake.  if that many of your friends, depending upon what 80%+ of “is” is, have been subjected to this kind of mob mentality abuse, then it’s high time someone DID milk it to death, and preferably someone in the middle of a campaign for public office.

  • maraith

    This is the kind of classless thing I expect of Brown and his supporters.  The man is getting desperate so he does what he thinks he has to do to get attention.  Obviously he cannot run on his record so he and his team are pushing this non-issue.  I think it will backfire, though.  Brown needs independent voters and most independent voters don’t fall for this silliness.

  • Alexa

    Is she “appalled” every time she watches a Florida State football game?

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