N.J. Gov. Christie Campaigns With Sen. Brown

Sen. Scott Brown campaigns in Watertown Wednesday with the support of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, center. (Fred Thys/WBUR)

Sen. Scott Brown campaigns in Watertown Wednesday with the support of N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, center. (Fred Thys/WBUR)

WATERTOWN, Mass. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday called Democratic U.S. Senate challenger Elizabeth Warren a “partisan, liberal elite” and said Republican Sen. Scott Brown would do a better job of working across the aisle in Washington.

“She won’t even look across the aisle, let alone reach across the aisle,” Christie said at a campaign stop in Watertown. “And yet, you’ve got a senator here who has served this state extraordinarily well by making sure that he talks with everyone: Republicans, Democrats, independents!”

Christie, who has been a frequent surrogate for Republican candidates this year, called Brown a “problem solver.”

Warren also has a big name coming to town, but not one from the political world.

Singer-songwriter James Taylor will perform at a concert to support Warren’s campaign Wednesday night at Boston’s Colonial Theater.

Brown trails Warren by five points in the latest WBUR poll.

With reporting by The Associated Press and WBUR’s Fred Thys

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  • Sinclair2

    If Governor Christie were campaigning for a candidate in a state with a majority of Republican voters, he would say the candidate would never consider looking or reaching across the aisle.

  • Joeleven

    Chris Christie is a horse’s tail.  Having grown up in New Jersey, I feel he illustrates perfectly the reasons that I left 35 years ago.  He is an ignorant blowhard and bully.  He made his political career by beating up on teachers, which, in my book, takes about as much courage as beating up your little sister.  A reckless bully with no self awareness at all.   But he fits in with the Fox News/Republican Party model of who cannot lead with ideas, but excel at character assassination.  Intellectually, he is not fit to sweep Professor Warren’s classroom, but neither is Senator Centerfold.

  • Guest

    The only thing he can reach for is another Big Mac.

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