Analysis: ‘Ticket-Splitters’ Critical For Brown Victory

BOSTON — One more day until voters head to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots for president, for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, for the state’s members of Congress, and more.

The latest poll shows just how close the Senate race is.

The UMass Lowell-Boston Herald survey shows among all registered voters, Democrat Elizabeth Warren leads Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown by two points, but among likely voters, Brown leads by one point.

WBUR’s political analysts joined Morning Edition Monday for a final look at the race.

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  • RotisD

    Elizabeth Warren will win

  • J__o__h__n

    “In Massachusetts voters have shown themselves willing to vote at the top of the ticket for a Democrat but then vote for a Republican down the ticket for example Governor”  — This is false.  The governor is at the top of the ticket and is not on the same ballot as the president as they are not up for election in the same years. 

    • J__o__h__n

      Instead of conjuring up false conventional wisdom, some actual reporting would have mentioned the 1996 senate race where popular moderate Republican Bill Weld lost to Democrat John Kerry while Bill Clinton topped the ballot.  

      The last time a senate candidate from a different party than the winner of the state’s presidential vote was 1984 when Kerry and Reagan won.  The last time a Republican senate candidate won when a Democrat won the presidential vote in MA was Ed Brooke in 1972. 

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