Scott Brown's In Trouble And Knows It

Sen. Scott Brown speaks with reporters at Mul's Diner in Boston in 2011. (Josh Reynolds/AP)

Sen. Scott Brown speaks with reporters at Mul’s Diner in Boston in 2011. (Josh Reynolds/AP)

BOSTON — As the campaign enters its final week, Sen. Scott Brown appears to be falling behind Elizabeth Warren. The WBUR/MassInc poll, as well as one by Rasmussen Reports, show him trailing by 5 points.

One sign that he and his campaign are lost is that he’s running a TV spot from months ago where he’s in a coffee shop and gets a refill because he’s been so bipartisan. With the final debate set for Tuesday, he faces a quandary.

What Should His Strategy Be?

Attack Warren? Revert to his nice guy image? Or, as The Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh suggested, de-Republicanize himself and run against the system as independent Senate candidate Angus King is doing in Maine. (Full disclosure: King is a client.) He has to pick one and ride it to the end.

Wasted Popularity

One reason Brown’s in trouble is that, other than collecting a cool $700,000 advance for an autobiography, he did little with the huge amount of national recognition he got when he captured “the Kennedy seat” in January 2010. Sure, he cast the crucial vote against the president’s national health reform law, as he had promised, but the law eventually passed. And he failed to use his fame and new fortune to champion any serious issue or bill.

Nothing New

Since beating Martha Coakley, he’s remained essentially as he was before: a slightly goofy, handsome guy who once posed nude in a magazine for women and has a knack for wisecracks and a laid-back attitude. In his autobiography, we learned that he suffered sexual abuse at camp and had to defend his mother against two violent stepfathers. TV shows as different as “60 Minutes” and “Saturday Night Live” devoted time and attention to his remarkable win.

National Vs. Local

He’s known nationally as the Republican who took the Kennedy seat in Democratic Massachusetts, (which is why Elizabeth Warren is raising millions to defeat him). Locally he’s often described as “a good guy” supported by some has-been and small caliber Democratic officeholders. Jeff Berry, a smart Tufts University professor, said Brown may have gone too far in his regular guy persona, making him seem, well, insubstantial.

There When You Don’t Need Them

While he didn’t direct it at Brown, U.S. Rep. Barney Frank once described moderate Republicans as being “there when you don’t need them.” If a bill is either going to win big or lose big, how you vote isn’t that important. Faced with having to vote on whether to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for homosexuals in the military, Brown dragged his feet, asking for more time and study. After stalling, Brown learned it was going to be repealed with or without his support. He voted for repeal. It passed 65-31, allowing him to appear tolerant when his vote wasn’t needed.

Then & Now

A noticeable difference between this campaign and the one he ran in the special election is that in the first one he was upbeat, relaxed, and had round edges. In this campaign’s debates, he’s been jagged, dismissive, and condescending toward his female opponent, whom he took delight in calling “Professor Warren.”

I’ll Have No Policy, Please

Brown is reverting to form. As a state senator and representative before that, he was known for “his casual style and ability to cross the aisle; he was not seen as a policy wonk, or a firebrand opposition leader in the mold of some of his GOP peers,” the Globe found.

Then-House Minority Leader Bradley Jones told the Globe, “I viewed him as focused on district bills,” he said. “You wouldn’t ever see him on the big policy issues.”

Three Things Working Against Brown

First, the Warren campaign no longer has her speaking in her TV commercials; her voice and manner had been off-putting. Second, Warren has seized on women’s issues, beginning in her last debate and continuing in her “One chance” TV spot. Third, the Warren campaign has finally placed Brown in with the box of GOP nuts running for the Senate, the latest of whom was Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock. He said that when a woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape, “that’s something God intended.” Where do the Republicans find these guys?

A Campaign About Nothing

The race has been about little of consequence. The issue of Wall Street abuses, which many felt would be at the heart of Warren’s candidacy, has been virtually ignored. Ditto for how to achieve tax fairness, tackle the federal deficit, cut Pentagon spending or deal with Afghanistan and Islamic anti-American terrorism. Instead, we’ve heard about Warren’s Native American heritage and Brown’s blowing smoke five times about secret meetings “each and every day with kings and queens and prime ministers.” I believe one of them was Winston Churchill.

Hiding Behind Gail Huff

Brown’s support from his wife, a former Boston TV reporter, or his incessantly telling us he lives in a house full of women don’t explain why the largest anti-abortion group in the state is backing him. Likewise, a mailer from the National Right to Life Political Action Committee boosting Brown as pro-life arrived in Massachusetts mailboxes last week.

If Brown were truly pro-choice, he would’ve said that the mailing was wrong or sent by mistake or tell voters to ignore it.

Times Have Changed, Brown Hasn’t

Back when voters in Massachusetts wanted to send a message to Washington, Brown was a suitable vehicle. A “good guy” in the pickup truck, tooling around the state, shaking hands and trading wisecracks on the streets or docks or sports talk radio. The country has real problems and the state’s voters believe we need more in a senator than good looks and a jump shot.

Dan Payne is WBUR’s Democratic analyst. For more political commentary, go to our Payne & Domke page.

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  • janesoutham

    Um, no WBUR. You must not have seen the latest Boston Globe poll, fresh out today. Brown is up by two http://bostonglobe.com/metro/2012/10/29/new-globe-poll-shows-dead-heat-senate-race/ugFImC2h7jozpTxEBmIQsN/story.html

  • chrisdj614

    Nice spin but it’s the Socialist hag who is trailing.

  • janesoutham

    Also I commend Scott Brown for tending to a bunker in the storm today. He did win a medal for his work in the National Guard on 9/11. I was in New York, volunteering at Ground Zero after the terror attacks. All I can say is, thank god for the National Guardsmen like Scott Brown.

    This article is a cheap shot, and as the Boston Globe poll shows today, has a faulty premise.

    • Langwater

      Military personnel do not “win” medals.  This is not a sport and they are not in competition.  Medals are awarded for their service and/or gallantry.

      Scott Brown has always worked in the style of Ray Flynn as an ambulance and fire truck chaser only where the cameras are located.  

    • Sinclair2

      Military personnel do not win medals.  They’re not in competition.  They are awarded medals for their service and therefore are recipients of their medals.

  • Earl Gray

    “Socialist hag”    Nice….I realize that it is in fine print, but you did  attest that you were over 13 to post here…
    Notice the childish name calling…. and vote for the opposite person they  support…

  • Nyb

    Good bye Scot, those who you stepped on wish you well on your job hunt

    • janesoutham

      Sort of like the true minorities Warren pushed out of the way in order to get her job at Harvard on false pretenses?

  • ByeByeScottBrown

    For me when he loses his seat is gonna be the karma he deserves for playing Republican “All in” politics against those who lost there jobs through no fault of there own. I swore back then when election time came I would be remembering his vote for his job, well here I am to repay you Scott Brown.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TKX7MEA5EDBIPVM46CALV2TZT4 cw

    so depressing when a great guy like scott can be outvoted by a fake indian.

    • http://twitter.com/boehnervaegina John Boehner Vaegina

      You’re racist. Have a nice day.

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TKX7MEA5EDBIPVM46CALV2TZT4 cw

        only a racist plays the card.  congrats.

        • http://twitter.com/boehnervaegina John Boehner Vaegina

          Which is why you’re racist. What don’t you understand about that? Are you stupid too?

          • janesoutham

            How is he racist ? Not a single one of this country’s top genealogists have found one iota of evidence that Warren has a drop of Native American blood. Additionally, one Cherokee genealogist unearthed a 1906 from the Oklahoma Muskogee that shows that Warren’s grandfather- the one that she says was Native American- was actually white and had shot an Indian.

            When one is applying for a job at university and one checks the box for Native American, one must have documented tribal affiliation and ancestry. Warren has neither. As  a lawyer, she knows better than to rely on unverified family lore.

          • http://twitter.com/boehnervaegina John Boehner Vaegina

            The fact that you people even bring it up just to make an issue means you’re a racist. Ask yourself this. Should race ever be an issue? It clearly is to you, and therefore, you’re a racist. You lose. Have a nice day.

          • janesoutham

            So I gather you’re saying that to criticize someone for breaking laws when applying for a job, is to be racist. 

            Uh, Okk…..Luckily the rest of the MA voters don’t see it this way.

          • http://twitter.com/boehnervaegina John Boehner Vaegina

            If you make race an issue, you’re a racist. And that’s exactly what you’re doing here.

          • janesoutham

            No, this is about being truthful about one’s ethnic minority.

            Warren is the one who lied about her ancestry. This is about truth, and liars. 

          • http://twitter.com/boehnervaegina John Boehner Vaegina

            Politicians lie!?! I never would have guessed. But at least they’re not as bad as people who lie to themselves…people who can’t admit they’re racists…people like you.

    • janesoutham

      Boston Globe poll today has Brown up by two!!!! And Brown is visiting the MA residents who had to evacuate because of the storm.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TKX7MEA5EDBIPVM46CALV2TZT4 cw

    thanks for the headline it will motivate voters to give him an even stronger lead!!

  • janesoutham

    Scott Brown going up on Intrade now because of the new Globe poll that shows him in the lead.

    Also, Romney’s gone up in the MA polls too. In the last poll Obama led by 27 in MA. Now he only leads by 13.

    This is helping Brown.

  • Franko

    it is simple..Scott Brown helps Mitch McConnell and John Boehner both who do not share Massachusetts values.  Things like behaviors of these two jerks and other biggies like Womens rights actually matter…how can anyone who has a daughter or has NOT realized that Republicans have lost thier appeal about managing economy or the military.  Wake up and stop supporting sound bites and start supporting real issues.  Brown is a disgrace to all Mass citizens and Romney is a fraud!

  • Zimmer

    I dislike Brown with a passion. He has voted against women and has not worked and voted for the benefit of Massachusetts. He is not to be trusted, ever.
    Not to mention the racism with in his campain and some of his followers. It has been so distasteful. NOT the voice for this great state.  

    • janesoutham

      Voted against women? When? Where? Links please-

      From a woman who is voting for Brown. 

  • RotisD

    I’m surrounded by Brown supporters here in southeastern MA, what with Brown’s base of Wrentham the next town over from me.As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always considered Warren to be the underdog in this race and have campaigned for her as such.Just like with the presidential race, so two with this Senate race — I’ve ignored the polls all along and have fought as if all the dems running for office are the underdogs.America is culturally a conservative-thinking nation (especially since the 1980s Ronald Reagan / Milton Freidman ethos took hold here) and the dems have to fight harder than the repubs in order to win.

  • Sinclair2

    Scott Brown is an empty barncoat driving an empty pickup truck.  Not long ago,  pickup trucks always hauled something in the back including manure for delivery.  His campaign appearances and style are that of a man modeling the country life wearing clean clothes and driving a clean pickup truck while delivering verbal you-know-what fertilizer to grow his votes.  

    • janesoutham

      Brown went to the top rated Tufts, where he graduated c. laude, and Boston College Law School.

      Warren, however, attended the bottom of the barrel ranked U of Houston where she did NOT graduate with honors, and then attended the much lower ranked law school Rutgers.

      Brown did better academically at better schools than Warren did at mediocre schools.

      • Sinclair2

        Brown then went on to distiguish himself as a part-time real estate lawyer passing papers for home sales. Lets not forget his other part-time legal job spending two days per month with the National Guard. Wow! Impressive!

        Married women with children attend schools they can afford while they continue to develop their lives in addition to raising families. The first in her struggling family to attend college, Elizabeth Warren’s professional growth was extraordinary by any standard. She reached the heights in her legal career by becoming a distuinguished law professor at Harvard.

        CCNY (City College of New York, now City University) is a tuition free urban college in Manhattan. This seemingly “bottom of the barrel school,” based on your stereotypical perceptions, has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners within their alumni in this country. They all went on to great, well known universities in this country based on their undergraduate preparation from CCNY. Most came from poor immigrant families from the depths of New York.

        • Chaco52

          Hey Sin-Do you got a life?Or are you a Lizzie surrogate?Or are you just jealous of Brown?Nothing you say has any real basis, except a personal,subjective one. I respect you for your opinion, your energy and conviction.But you protest too much, and lack any real substance to your rants.

          • Sinclair2

            Go to bed, get up and do a restart.  Reboot yourself, get out there and get some experience.  Then join us for some intelligent conversation.

  • RotisD


    Brown has never lost a race in his political career.
    And he’s staying optimistic in the homestretch.

    “I’m very content where we’re at. I’ve always been the underdog, and I’m going to be the underdog again, and that’s what makes it all the more sweet,” he said.

    • RotisD

      I say let Scott Brown think he’s the underdog … think that, since he has never lost a race in his political career, he won’t lose this race … think that all is sweet. 

    • janesoutham

      And Warren has never run for any kind of office, yet she tries to waltz in and grab the seat with a smug elitist attitude.

  • FrancisMcManus

    It’s a close race but Dan is right about who you want in the senate when the country is facing real problems, Elizabeth Warren.  Scott’s casualness is not a style thing, it’s who he is. 

  • tenguzero

    Liz Warren is awful. Yeah — she’s the exact person we want in Washington right now, another partisan piece of trash who can be counted on to vote the party lines. Rest assured, if I hadn’t just completed my move to NH a couple months ago, I would have gladly cast my vote for Scott Brown again, because I didn’t always agree with the stances he’s taken, by I always felt that it was just a better balance to have him in the senate. Is that really what you want, MA? Two entrenched Democrat senators, one a tax-cheating gigolo who threw away his ribbons but not the medals (or was it the ribbons and someone else’s medals? Or wait, maybe it wasn’t either, and he never “implied” that he did because he was “always proud” of his medals?) the other a lying fake-indian opportunist hack who never let a little thing like lack of a license stop her from practicing law, neither of which will likely go anywhere until death or retirement? Sure — she’s a way better option than a quiet guy who can be hesitant to immediately take some outspoken stance on an issue before considering it. We don’t like politicians who mull things over too much — doesn’t make for good sound bites. Give me a break Massachusetts — please don’t make a stupid decision with Warren.

  • ed_ross

    When the guy’s reputation was built around the promise to block any effort to fix the shambles that America’s health system was in before reform,  no… we don’t want more substance from him.  Please keep the campaign about nothing Scott, because its a lot better than when you try to say something.

  • Sinclair2

    Brown then went on to distiguish himself as a part-time real estate lawyer passing papers for home sales.  Lets not forget his other part-time legal job spending two days per month with the National Guard.  Wow! Impressive!
    Married women with children attend schools they can afford while they continue to develop their lives in addition to raising families.  The first in her struggling family to attend college, Elizabeth Warren’s professional growth was extraordinary by any standard.  She reached the heights in her legal career by becoming a distuinguished law professor at Harvard.
    CCNY (City College of New York, now City University) is a tuition free urban college in Manhattan.  This seemingly “bottom of the barrel school,” based on your stereotypical perceptions, has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners within their alumni in this country.  They all went on to great, well known universities in this country based on their undergraduate preparation from CCNY.  Most came from poor immigrant families from the depths of New York.

    • Jessica Tomasi

      Give me a break.. Putting down the National Guad?? How come we dont see you out there…? 

      I bet You’re the first person to call for help when you need it though….

      • Sinclair2

        Working only two days per month with the Guard and working part-time shuffling papers in real estate transactions after law school was my point.  Not much of a law career. 

    • janesoutham

      Actually, Warren’s family wasn’t struggling. Her father was actually a flight instructor, not a janitor. There is a copy of his death certificate on the internet and it was Warren herself who wrote that her father was a flight instructor. 

      What has CCNY got to do with this? Warren went to the University of Houston (indeed, ranked 188th) and Rutgers.

      Brown went to the 28th ranked Tufts, graduated with honors. Warren did NOT graduate with honors from yes, the bottom of the barrel University of Houston.

      • Sinclair2

        It’s not WHERE you went to school, it’s WHAT you did after you completed school.  That’s my point about the success of CCNY alums and that’s my point about Scott Brown.  You just don’t get it.  You’re caught up in sterotypes and your class conciousness is showing.

        I’m a former pilot and air traffic controller and I can tell you that flight instructors don’t earn much money because they simply don’t work many hours.  That’s usually an avocation and not a full-time job for most instructors.  I’ve known flight students who worked in construction, were truck drivers and worked as janitors.  They were following their dreams with hope for a better life.

    • janesoutham

      Just curious? Have you served in the military? I lived in Manhattan on September 11 and volunteered for months at Ground Zero. The National Guard were one of the first responders. They were heroes. 

      Shame on you for putting down the National Guard. Please let me know how you are serving this country, Thank you,

      • Sinclair2

        Your twisitng my comments.  He worked two days per month for the National Guard.  Working only two days per month after finishing law school in addition to part-time real estate paper shuffling is the point.  Not much of a law career.

        I served fifteen plus years in the military and saw slackers as well as heroes.  I know one when I see one.  There are those who work and those who appear to work. 

        Spending two weeks in Afghanistan and claiming to have “served ” there was bogus.  Those who have “served” there received a medal for their service.  Scott Brown did not receive a medal.  He received more publicity while wearing that uniform when arriving home than a battalion of soldiers.

        • Chaco52

          You claim to have “served fifteen years” but give no credit to anyone who has not recieved a medal.Your logic is flawed.

          • Sinclair2

            Read my post again.  Brown claimed in a debate to have served in Afghanistan.  “Served ” is a strong word.  He actually visited and the fact that he did not qualify for a medal for serving is proof that he did not “serve”.  It was a short visit, plain and simple.  Having served is a tour of duty which lasts for a year.

    • FR2011

       But she lied and distorted to get to Harvard. Fauxchahontas. Remember?

  • franktrades


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NHZO25JZG6AONOHE65YWZ62I3I HeXt

    Scott Brown is rubber-stamping ads now. He’s absolutely ridiculous and losing. He has no steady platform to stand on so he makes DISHONEST attacks instead.

    • janesoutham

      Um no, he’s actually leading in the latest Boston Globe poll. And Obama has dropped 13 points in MA.

      • John_of_Medford28

        I would take all polls with a grain of salt, as a Suffolk poll released today 10/30/12 shows Warren up over Brown by 7 points. 

        I suspect there is going to be some very interesting articles and analysis on the polling that was done this election season.  The polls seem to be all over the place, here in Massachusetts, and in much of the nation. 

        Two polls released on the same day with dramatically different results.  All it does in my opinion, is soothe whatever side one is on in the Mass Senate race.

  • Chaco522

    This analysis is of the same quality that led Mr. Payne to declare, on tape, in early 1992 that Bill Clinton was done and didn’t have a shot. Clinton actually had a real problem(Jennifer Flowers). According to the latest Globe poll (I’m sure Mr. Payne will be impressed) Sen. Brown is up by 2. 

    • John_of_Medford28

      And a Suffolk poll released today 10/30/12 shows Warren up over Brown by 7 points.

      In my opinion, the winner of this race is all on turnout at this point.

      • Chaco522

        JoM-Turnout is the key.Long range weather forecast is decent, the Presidential race will drive up voting, Obama will pull out the young voters(interestingly a number of polls suggest Brown will win the youth vote),and N.H. is a battle ground state, which will pull a lot of Dem operatives out of Mass.History shows that a low turnout (<2.7 mill.) favors the incumbent and that we should have @ 3mill.However, if an addtional 800k show up compared to the 2010 Special(@ 2.2 mill) and break 60/40 Warren, she wins by <100votes.That places 50k votes in play,i.e. if Brown moves 50,001 of those 100k  votes ,he wins.This is going to be  a long night.And I stand by my critique of the article and the author.Partisan hackmanship. 

  • Jessica Tomasi

    What a Liberal POS article this things is…

  • Jessica Tomasi

    Scotty is going to Win and all you part and parcel party hacks can go pound sand - 

  • working_for_change

    There when you don’t need him. Indeed.  That is perhaps the most significant issue for people to consider.  The guy is a partyline Republican vote, but pandering to folks who want to believe he is not and not fooling anyone who has taken the trouble to look at his record.  And his ads either don’t talk about his record, or misrepresent it.  

  • Judy in Beverly

    Good column, but … Globe editors, that last sentence needs a quick copyedit. I assume Dan Payne means to say that “the state’s voters believe we need more in a senator THAN good looks and a jump shot.” And yes, we do need more than that.

    • Dan Payne

      Actually BUR edits my pieces.  I requested a copy change but due to Sandy, BUR didn’t get to it. 

    • WBURNews

      We’ve fixed the change and regret the error. Thanks. 

  • Mittgal

    It is precisely BECAUSE of Scott’s bipartisan nature that he will win.  I’m sick of these party hack democrats who go to their leader to find out how to vote.  I call their offices and ask please don’t vote on something, and am ignored.  I call Scott’s office and get a reply.  Who would you vote for?  Even if we don’t agree, at least I get the courtesy of an answer on why he’s voting the way he is.  I can respect that.

    I don’t respect the campaign Warren has run.  I don’t respect the lies she has told about her heritage, her working for “the little guy” when she was working against “the little guy”.

    I don’t like the way she makes Brown out to be a woman hater because he didn’t vote for Kagan (who had no judicial experience) for Supreme Court Justice, he voted against the Fair Paycheck Act (which even the Globe said was a bad bill), and voted for the Blunt Amendment in order to allow religious institutions to opt out of funding abortiafacients, abortions, and the pill.  Gee, imagine that.  Someone who respects the separation of church and state!!  BTW Scott Brown supports  the Lily Ledbetter Act, which was signed into law in 2009, before he was even elected to the US Senate.

    As we said in 2010, it’s the People’s Seat.  Let’s send Scott Brown back to the Senate.

    • Sinclair2

      Claiming that Antonin Scalia is his favorite supreme court justice does not represent the people of Massachusetts.  It tells us what type of justice he will vote for in the future. 

      Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be part Native American is a truth passed on from her family’s history.  A truth no different from so many here in New England who claim to have “part Indian” roots, especially our French Canadian population and some “Swamp Yankees”.

      She has not claimed that Brown is a “woman hater”.  That’s a claim from the Brown campaign.

      Brown’s recent mailer accusing her of working against the asbestos workers was a lie and we all know it.  Only those who are partisan or gullible will believe his lies.   

      • Mittgal

        #1.  Antonin Scalia is a strict Constitutionalist.  I’m not completely surprised he picked him, although he has said privately that he does admire all of the justices, and it’s hard to pick a “favorite”.
        #2.  Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be a Native American would have been ok if she had not checked off that little box in the professional guide that lets all colleges and universities know they are hiring minorities.  That stepped over the line into abusing set-asides for minorities.
        #3.  What WOULD you call it when her attack ads basically have women saying, “I hate it because Scott Brown voted against women” or “He had one chance to vote for a female Supreme Court Justice and he didn’t” or “He voted against birth control for women” (in and of itself a lie — the Blunt Amendment was to allow religious exceptions).  She makes him out to be anti-women.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
        #4.  Warren DID work for Traveller’s Insurance.  She DID work for Dow Chemical.  She DID work for LTV Steel.  This is a matter of record.  It was printed in the Boston Globe, as well as the Boston Herald.  Warren is a corporate hired gun who (after the fact) says how sorry she is that the little guy was trampled by the big bad corporation who paid her.   Oh gee.  How can anyone believe anything this woman says?  Anyone who believes her story about this is foolish or a democrat.  Oh wait.  Maybe they are the same thing…..

        • Sinclair2

          You’re either deceiving yourself for some reason when it comes to her involvement with the asbestos claims or you have blind faith for this guy’s deceptions  If you had a close relative who would have benefited from a claim, you wouldn’t be so partisan.

          She was hired to unravel the complexities of a previous settlement so that the asbestos workers could be paid.  The lawyers for the asbestos workers and the workers themselves angrily demonstrated at Brown’s headquarters in Warren’s favor after Brown spoke with his lies.  That says it all.

          Scalia was immediately on Brown’s mind when he quickly said his name.  He caught himself and tried to recover by mentioning other names when he realized what he said to a Massachusetts audience.  Most people in this state think Scalia is a joke, a dangerous joke who wants to get rid of Roe v Wade.  Scalia votes in unison with Clarence Thomas on most everything.  In addition, Brown  has been distancing himself from Romney, another joke to most people in this state.

          Religious organizations who employ the general public should not be exempt from providing complete health insurance coverage based on their religious beliefs.  We live in a secular society where our laws apply equally to all.  It’s up to the individual person to decide if they want to utilize planned parenthood resources or birth control information and not the employer.  This keeps the employer out of bedrooms.

          EEO:  Employees voluntarily, routinely and innocently check the minority boxes based on knowledge of their family history.  We live in a melting pot and some people don’t understand the minority rules nor do they look like the stereotype.  There is no “perjury penalty” or ominous doom clause printed on these forms.

          Examples:  Colin Powell does not qualify as a minority.  He’s not African American.  His family came from Jamaica.  Persons who are not ethnic Hispanic and who came from a Latin American country are considered minorities.  This means that an ethnic German or Swede born and raised in Argentina qualifies to check that box.

          • Skeletorlove

            Not to mention the fact that the amendment was so broad it was frightening. So what, Christian scientists can deny their employees all health care cause that’s their religion! And it was “moral” objections too… Scary. An employers religion (or morals or beliefs) should never be allowed to dictate their employees benefits, benefits they either pay for (employees I mean) our are part of their compensation packages. A vote for that was a vote for some scary, open ended crap!

  • John_of_Medford28

    One more week.   That is what I keep saying to myself.  The madness will soon be over and the political ads will go away for at least a little bit. 

  • Botolphus

    Scottie has nothing to worry about, his seat is safe…Warren behaving  like a desperate pol’

  • Gcrea

    My wife and I are both going to vote for Brown, but frankly, I’m a little nervous that the momentum is with Warren.  Once they finally stopped using her image and voice on her commercials, her popularity seems to have surged.  I hope voters can see through this, but I suspect it will be a razor tight finish.   

  • FR2011

    What is wrong with Southern New England? First they elect the borderline personality Blumenthal, and now maybe another one in Warren? Scary stuff.

  • NamePick

    Interesting that the comments are from Brown supporters.  Time to end that.  I support Warren.  There are good reasons to support Warren over Brown.  Republicans want to end all social programs.  They want to end Social Security (privatizing is ending it under a nice sounding name).  They want to end Medicare and Medicaid (vouchers are ending it under a nice sounding name).  Republicans want to end progressive taxation (that is, favor the rich).  So, if you want a brutal society based on winner-take-all with extreme inequality, vote Brown.  If you want a community that works together, vote Warren.

  • Guest

    I support Warren for her career-long, dedicated attention to needed reforms in our banking and financial systems.  She is learned, passionate, skilled.  We need women in the Senate, and here is one who really understands and supports the issues of equal pay and access to health care and choice.

  • Guest

    This article is ridiculous…it’s so belittling and one sided, Warren as a candidate will only contribute to the political gridlock. Where is that in the article?!? We can’t lose a real advocate for our state with a truly independent voice, that would be a real loss for our state! I’m still confident the polls are wrong and Scott will win, the energy folks have for him is as high as ever! 

  • working_for_change

    And now we can contemplate his return to the fray. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if some reason emerged for Kerry to withdraw from the Sec of State process and just serve out his term.

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