Map: Mass. Town-By-Town Election Results

  • President
  • Senate
  • Ballot Q1
  • Ballot Q2
  • Ballot Q3
U.S. President
  • Barack Obama (Democrat)
  • Mitt Romney (Republican)
  • Some precincts reporting
  • Results pending
  • Elizabeth Warren (Democrat)
  • Scott Brown (Republican)
  • Some precincts reporting
  • Results pending
  • Yes
  • No
  • Some precincts reporting
  • Results pending

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  • http://www.facebook.com/curiousdwk David Kimball

    With all of the polls going on for weeks and weeks.  When all is said and done, was there any poll that was even reasonably accurate?  Was there any poll that was close?  What value are these polls if they are so far from reality?  How can so many polls say it was going to be so close and all be wrong when in the end, it wasn’t so close?

    • Mike Pascucci

      I’m not sure the answer to your question (poll accuracy), but their value might not be so much as a prediction as it a snapshot in time and trends. When Brown saw his poll numbers drop after the first two debates, he was less than eager to reschedule the would-have-been final debate in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

    • Eric Read

      You might enjoy http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/, which I only recently discovered.  By gathering together dozens of polls and adjusting for their past accuracy Nate Silver has done very well in recent elections – 49/50 right in 2008, maybe the same last night.  Many pundits (through advocacy or desire for ratings) focused on the closeness of the popular vote, but wouldn’t say that almost all of the closeness leaned one way in the electoral college – thus the wider gap there.

  • CAWG

    What happened with the non-binding ballot questions? No one is reporting on them. 

    • None

      They passed handily.

  • http://sixsentences.ning.com/profile/JohniceReid TenFeet2Hands

    Nate Silver is a hero, no pundits are worthy of my time.  Nate called it and it was all science…MATH!  Polls are not valid measures of anything anymore yet, Nate uses an algorithm which factors variables where pundits are guided by their bosses or the head office/owner and are overly opinionated v journalistic.  

    The non-binding ballot questions were: nearly all yes voted. 

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