Rep. Tierney Holds Off GOP’s Tisei

Rep. John Tierney, left, and Richard Tisei, right. (AP Photos, File)

Rep. John Tierney, left, and Richard Tisei, right. (AP Photos, File)

11/7 Update: Tisei has officially conceded the race.

Democratic U.S. Rep. John Tierney has been re-elected in Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District despite a fierce challenge from Republican Richard Tisei. Still, Tisei’s campaign will likely challenge the results and alleges that there were voting improprieties in various communities, especially Lynn.

The Fight Continues

It’s another nasty chapter in one of the nastiest and most expensive congressional campaigns in the nation, which was something Rep. Tierney acknowledged in his victory speech.

“It was ugly. It was nasty,” Tierney said. “It was expensive for them – more than $5 million spreading misinformation — but we had people who stayed with it all the way and never gave up hope, never gave up faith, and were our friends and supporters. We thank them for the work that they did.”

This was a somewhat unexpected speech for Tierney. Tisei was favored to win — largely because of the illegal gambling scandal involving Tierney’s in-laws. Tierney’s wife spent a month in prison over the scandal, but Tierney insisted he knew nothing about it.

As the night dragged on at Tisei headquarters, the festive mood turned somber and crowds began dwindling. Shortly after 11 p.m., Tisei made a statement saying that the race was so close that the counting would continue through the night. Tisei’s campaign manager Paul Moore added that the campaign would challenge some of the votes in various communities like Lynn, where Tierney appears to have won big. Moore alleges several things, such as a lack of communication with Lynn officials, few exact vote counts and reports of possible voter intimidation.

“Frankly, it’s the old Democratic party machine in a one-party state and it rears its ugly head. I think it’s a sad thing for the state,” Moore said. “But for Lynn to refuse to communicate with the congressional candidate on Election Night is nothing short of incompetence.”

Moore also alleged that the campaign received reports of possible voter intimidation and, because Tisei is a few thousand votes behind, the campaign could ask for a recount.

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh doubts the outcome will change.

“If Richard Tisei needs a calculator, I’ll get him one,” Walsh said. “He ran a hard campaign. He ran a nasty campaign. And the voters of this district rejected it by thousands of votes.”

The Tisei campaign expects to begin reviewing the vote counts later Wednesday.

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  • sjw81

    Corruptions wins!!

  • JordanMullins

    The left anti-gay bigots won this one.

    • J__o__h__n

      That wasn’t why he lost. 

      • Hatgrease

        It very well might have been, there are some tough towns up that way with  conservative Democrats who may well have broke ranks if Tisei had not been gay. They have similar demographics as Rhode Island which while very liberal is also generally opposed to gay marriage, with the Catholic Democrats who control the legislature refusing to pass a bill while the Protestant Republican Governor is eagerly waiting to sign it into law.

  • http://twitter.com/PoloPersonGwen Po’sMom

    While this is not my district, I am pleased to see that  U.S. Rep. John Tierney was reelected. I watched some of the nasty ads in favor of Richard Tisei, and it was disgusting. Both outside groups and his own ads did not give me a reason to support him.

    The last thing we need in DC is another “just say no” republican. Congratulations Rep. Tierney.

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