Why Scott Brown Lost

Sen. Scott Brown, after his Election Night concession speech (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

Sen. Scott Brown, after his Election Night concession speech (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

Sen. Scott Brown’s loss was painful for state Republicans. Some blame a “Democratic machine” and others blame the electorate, but defeatism just produces more defeats.

When a political party has a setback like this, it’s important to draw the right lessons. Otherwise, it’s difficult to recruit good candidates and create effective campaigns.

Brown was a strong candidate and he waged a well-funded, energetic campaign. But it wasn’t just a Democratic machine that beat him. He and his advisers made decisions that proved to be costly. It’s easy to find fault with strategy and tactics after an election, but here are some of the mistakes pointed out in analysis while the campaign was going on:

Alliance With Mitt Romney

It was obvious for years that Romney was unpopular in Massachusetts. That’s why Romney stayed out of the special senate campaign for Brown, only helping discreetly with fundraising and staff. However, at Brown’s victory party in that special election, when TV cameras were set to broadcast his remarks to the world, Romney flew in to make the introduction of Brown. He didn’t just bask in Brown’s reflected glory; he was there to take credit as a mentor and ally.

Brown had reason to be grateful to Romney, but he put his loyalty to him above his promise to be independent. For example, Brown endorsed him for president even before Romney announced his candidacy.

Yet was it not obvious that Brown and Romney would need to distance themselves from each other? Brown’s strategist should have known he couldn’t win reelection in 2012 as a Romney Republican, and Romney’s strategist should have known he couldn’t win GOP presidential primaries if seen as a Massachusetts moderate mentor of Brown. The distancing came later — for Brown, too late.

A Weak State GOP

For 10 years the Romney forces have kept control of the state GOP, and during that time the party has spiraled down into oblivion. Even in 2010, which was a great Republican year nationally, there was a GOP wipeout here.

Romney has used the state GOP as a vehicle for his presidential ambitions — to secure convention delegates and as a base of operations for the New Hampshire primary. The GOP state chairman is a Romney ally from Bain. The national GOP committeeman is a senior Romney adviser and Washington, D.C., lobbyist, and the national committeewoman was also a Romney campaign adviser.

Brown could have benefited from a party that was instead a vehicle for reform, a “new GOP” that spoke for independents and reached beyond traditional GOP voting blocs.

Not Appealing To Women

Brown lost to Elizabeth Warren largely due to a gender gap. According to an exit poll, he ran about 18 points behind with women.

Brown advisers knew he’d have a problem with women, just as Romney always did. But his apparent “solution” was absurd. He started his ad campaign with a TV spot featuring his popular wife, former TV reporter Gail Huff, saying that he was the most understanding of women of any man she knew. The ad showed Brown folding laundry. It ran for a month!

When he was later criticized by Warren for various votes “against women,” his rebuttal was essentially that he lived in a household full of women therefore he could not be against women. One might guess that if he had been pressed further, he would have explained that he had binders full of women.

How could a strategist, knowing that a key swing voting bloc was unmarried women, think that Brown did not need to establish himself as a strong advocate for women with serious policy proposals and leadership?

Not Defining ‘Independent’

Brown invoked the words “independent” and “bipartisan” as if they were magical. The ideas are indeed potent (and obvious) when 53 percent of the state voters are unaffiliated. But the words can be abstract to non-political undecided voters.

Brown needed to explain, and dramatically demonstrate, why his being independent and bipartisan was beneficial to the state and specifically to middle-class voters. He could have taken the race to a higher level, concentrating on issues as he did in the special election.

Instead, Brown’s strategy was to define his opponent as “not who she says she is.”

Too Personal In Attacking

Brown had Warren on the defensive in the early months. She couldn’t quite explain her claim, based on “family lore,” to be 1/32 Cherokee. There were legitimate questions about her claim, raised by reporters and the first debate moderators. But then, in debate, Brown seemed too eager and personal in attacking her character.

He said she claimed to be a person of color, but “as you can see, she is not.” Many felt that was insulting and prejudiced.

Criticism of an opponent’s character doesn’t have to produce backlash. But if it is the candidate doing it personally, and if it seems unfair or mean, it can be self-defeating. When Warren was reeling from the controversy about her supposed Cherokee heritage, Brown might have been more artful and wry in his comments. Instead, he overdid it.

A Brown TV spot also went too far, and it backfired. An attack ad used innuendo to allege that Warren was a tool of a large corporation that victimized workers on an asbestos case. Warren ran a rebuttal ad with some of the workers testifying on her behalf. That was a turning point. Warren won some sympathy; Brown lost some likability.

Decline In Creativity

In the early phase of the TV ad wars, Brown’s spots were superior to Warren’s. His ads were uniquely tailored to the candidate. Warren’s ads were formulaic.

Maybe Brown’s strategist and/or producer became too busy with other clients (Romney). For whatever reason, his ads became more conventional. The attack ads had the kind of quickie studio editing that made them seem like all the other negative campaign spots — ominous music, somber voice-over, animated graphics, etc. They weren’t effective and they helped make Brown — originally an underdog, a “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” citizen reformer, and then a celeb superstar — into a “typical politician.”

The final phase of Brown’s advertising revealed an apparent lack of strategy. There was mixed messaging — four different TV spots, appealing to very different voting blocs — rather than a compelling closing argument.

No Long-Term Strategy

Brown’s short-term strategy was to discredit the opponent and then cruise to reelection. In that way, it was similar to Obama’s strategy with Romney. It almost worked — if not for debates. That’s when the challengers made their comebacks.

Obama and Brown made their challengers out to be untrustworthy, ruthless opportunists. But when their opponents seemed well-intentioned and calm in debate, things went awry. Obama always had a fallback plan: rely on his field organization in the swing states. But Brown didn’t have a Plan B, and as a Republican in Massachusetts, he certainly couldn’t count on having a superior field organization.

X Factors

We can only guess whether Brown would have been better off not signing the “People’s Pledge” to keep outside groups from advertising. If their ads had been as ineffective as those produced by most PACs, it would not have made a big difference. And maybe Brown should not have cancelled the final debate since he was behind in polls at that point and might as well have taken the risk. But we don’t know. Perhaps his advisers concluded that he was losing more voters than he was gaining in debates.

What Will Brown Do Now?

Brown said in his concession speech that he had “no regrets” about the race. He has every reason to feel optimistic about his future. Surely he’ll be offered great jobs in the private sector, and perhaps even one by President Obama. He could win the GOP nomination for governor in 2014 or in a special election for senator if John Kerry leaves his seat to succeed Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

GOP’s Future

GOP leaders and prospective candidates can’t just say “no regrets” about Brown’s loss and forget about it. They need to draw the right lessons. Perhaps they will draw different conclusions than those offered here, but a conclusion they should not reach is the one that some now say in despair, that Massachusetts will remain a one-party state.

A silver lining in the GOP hitting a new bottom in 2012 is that more voters will likely realize that a monopoly is dangerous to our civic health.

The GOP is shell-shocked, and it’s a shell of what it used to be. But even if it has to change its name and identity — Bullmoose Party? Independent-Republican Party? — it can become a vehicle for a new generation of citizen reformers.

Perhaps we need some independent Republican leaders to meet and discuss how to do that – former Gov. Bill Weld, who has moved back here from New York, former Treasurer Joe Malone, former state Sen. Richard Tisei, current state representative Dan Winslow…

Romney has had a stranglehold on the state’s GOP. He doesn’t have to self-deport, but he needs to let go.

For the GOP to make a comeback in Massachusetts, it can’t be seen as a party primarily for wealthy, white businessmen. It needs to be a more inclusive, creative, reform party.

Todd Domke is WBUR’s Republican analyst. For more political commentary, go to our Payne & Domke page.

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  • Gardenia

    He is a Republican in a very Democratic state and his support of Romney was the kiss of death.  But he is a very physically attractive, pleasant man who should tone down any, all attack ads.  He might have done better looking like a statesman than a snide Republican.

  • Jimmcca

    Good article, but you may have omitted the most significant barrier Brown faced. During the campaign, there was a real fear that Brown’s re-election could mean passing control of the Senate to the Republican party. That, combined with Brown’s unbelievable claim that he might not support McConnell as majority leader if the Republicans did gain control could have made a difference to many voters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/saul.monella.7 Saul Monella

    It’s simple Massachusetts voters are stupid, no other explanation fits! Sorry, the voters don’t understand that  “ellections have consequences”.  Thanks for all your efforts.

    • Acnestes

      Maybe you should learn to spell before you go branding anyone else stupid, Stupid.  Thanks for the amusement!

  • TJ

    Our loss is the Maryland National Guard’s gain.

  • John_of_Medford28

    Mr. Domke, I would also add the toxic image and brand of the national Republican party has with large swaths of electorate especially, here in Massachusetts and New England.  Until the Republican party works to change and improve its national image and brand, embrace America’s changing demographics, I believe voters here in Massachusetts and New England, will continue to send Democrats down to Washington. 

  • FrancisMcManus

    Women don’t find Trucky McBarncoat appealing because of his wife and daughters but his ad campaign seemed to say, “C’mon, they like me so you should to … what’s the matter with you?”

    To say Trucky McBarncoat is “Not Appealing To Women” requires some explanation and Domke has it.

     Trucky failed to present any policy that attracted female supporters, in fact the policy he was known for championing put a women’s boss in the driver’s seat regarding what her health insurance covered and what it didn’t. 

    Then he voted against fair pay, took the lobbyist cash, and blamed his vote on  lawyers.

    Finally, he joined the far right Republicans in the US Senate to vote against Kagan, instead of the moderates, independent Senators Snowe and Collins, who voted yes.

    • janesoutham

      Warren “made Scott Brown look like Cicero.”- Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory, November 9, 2012

      • FrancisMcManus

        FrancisMcManus “made janesoutham look like Cicero.”- Francis McManus November 9, 2012


  • FrancisMcManus

     Will Scott Brown transfer back the the Mass National Guard after January?

    • janesoutham

      Warren “made Scott Brown look like Cicero.”

      - Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory, November 9, 2012

  • FrancisMcManus

    Wow Trucky McBarncoat looks loaded in that photograph. He did at the podium too. 

    • janesoutham

      Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory said in a column critical about Warren on November 9, 2012:

      Warren “made Scott Brown look like Cicero.”

      Read the column. He really rips into her. And this is from the Boston Globe.

      • JD

         Are you having a stroke? You can post this same stupid comment 100 times and it doesn’t make it true you know? We can all read.

  • Walnut28

    If anyone can put me in touch with Scott Brown, I’d love for him to provide legal help for me to press criminal charges against Grover Norquist for his extortionary, unconstitutional, illegal “pledge” and open threats against any GOP Congressional members who don’t vote as he dictates.  AND…fines for anyone who signed that pledge!  Elected officials only pledge should be to those who elected them.  That was the primary reason I didn’t vote for Scott Brown.  AND…if he helped get the likes of Norquist at least kicked out of the GOP, if not put in jail, I’d volunteer to help him run for President.  He had the only ads that said “Congress members should live by the same laws as the rest of us!” 

    • MITBeta

      Right.  Scott Brown’s voting decisions in the Senate looked like this:

      1. Does it raise taxes?  If so, vote no, because I told Grover I would, regardless of whether it’s good for my constituents or not.
      2. Is it right wing?  If so, does it need my vote to win, or can I vote no so that I look “bi-partisan”.
      3. Is it left wing?  If so, does it need my vote to lose, or can I vote yes so that I look “bi-partisan”.

  • Kbeau5

    I think you got it right on the female vote and the personal attacks on Warren. Importantly, Brown could not convince me of his independence when he was tethered to Grover Norquist and when he put the interests of “job creators” (aka the very wealthy) ahead of every other resident of Massachusetts. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZK7W2WI5YDNBPIHZLOVUJSE4MU Matt Dowd

    These are some of the most ignorant points I have ever heard.  You failed to mention the fact MA is the most liberal state in country and went for Elizabeth Warren stating that the path to success is to make those who are working hard pay more taxes so those who don’t can be more successful.  People bought that the playing field isn’t ‘level’ because rich people don’t ‘pay their fair share’.  Disgusting.  Hard Work Vs. Santa Clause, Santa won.

  • Petergeorge42

    There are questions about Brown’s intellect and his apparent difficulty understanding more complex issues.

    • janesoutham

      Really? “Questions about his intellect?” How come he graduated c. laude – high honors from the highly ranked Tufts University, while Warren couldn’t even get it together to graduate with honors from the 189th ranked University of Houston? How come he went to a much better law school than she did?

      By the way: Didja happen to see Boston Globe columnist Brian Mcgrory rip into Warren today for her behavior on Election night and at a press conference. The woman can’t talk and she hides behind Duval’s skirts.
      http://bostonglobe.com/metro/2012/11/09/woman-few-words/g5c9RsRuoKo24VVWK9eawI/story.html“After less than 12 minutes of these ­comically clipped answers, a gubernatorial aide called, “Last question,” prompting Warren to flee the room as if the podium was on fire. She made Scott Brown look like Cicero.”Love it: The Globe says, Warren “made Scott Brown look like Cicero.”Just you wait: the Globe will have buyer’s remorse one of these days,

      • Sinclair2

        @janesouthham:disqus   Shame, shame…..

        There you go again tearing apart Elizabeth Warren’s breathtaking rise from the bottom.  She got married too young; then grabbed on to adult education college programs at affordable state schools.  She then propelled herself to the highest levels of excellence in academia at Harvard, and finally, won an election as a U.S. senator.   

        She is an extraordinary role model for any young person to emulate.  She is a dramatic statement for the effectiveness of our nations state college systems.  Her rise to the top is beyond the wildest dreams of any young person with hope for a successful career.  She has proven to the world, “yes you can”!

        • janesoutham

          Look, the guy was sexually abused as  a child. So was I. I know how hard  it is to overcome the shame of that. I admire Brown for overcoming the violence in his childhood, inflicted by his stepfather. Many men who have been sexually abused end up in prison… 90 per cent of men never speak up at all because of the shame and guilt.

          Go over to Male Survivor, the biggest organization for male sex abuse victims in the world. To the millions and millions of sex abuse victims,. Brown is an extraordinary role model – along with other well known people some members of the NHL and NFL ( as well as Teri Hatcher)- for coming forward to say he was abused. 

          I believe he should devote his energies to getting the states to change the statute of limitations for sex abuse victims.

          He has overcome sexual abuse, witnessing his step father abuse his mother . His childhood was a lot worse than Warren’s. Kudos for him for having the strength to overcome it.

          • Sinclair2

            You keep changing the subject.  Now your trying to compare adversity.  No one is talking about Brown’s overcoming tough times except you.  He’s respected by both Republicans and Democrats for this.

            You continue to demonstrate a lack of what education is all about and you refuse any attempt to comprehend it.

    • NightFury

      Agreed, and the 3 debates between Brown and Warren demonstrated this. Brown never could get off that “dubious” Native American heritage hamster wheel and didn’t spend enough time on other issues more important to voters. And his claim that he’s somehow an expert on women because he lives in a house full of them is so condescending — it’s in the same league as Romney’s “binders full of women”. 

      • voter

        what a load of b/s… in those debates it was never Brown that brought it up, it was the moderators… more lie’s by the loonie liberals

        • bkena

           Voter, I beg your pardon, but Brown brought it up over and over, I heard him.  Please look at the transcripts, your facts are wrong, and like most of Brown’s rabid supporters you ran with these lies and exaggerations.  But then, Brown’s supporters had nothing productive to contribute so what else could they do?

          • voter

            @bkena…  you are wrong..   I watched the debates,  i read the transcripts.. in the 1st debate Jon Keller started the debate with the 1st question about it..  in the 2nd debate  david gregory was the one who initiated it..  I don’t get why liberals think that people don’t know the truth..  its just baffeling to me how they lie and distort and deflect..  I actually think that some do it because they know that there are so many fools out there that only hear the 20 second soundbites.. Just what warren and patrick and obama did so often in this last cycle..   Lets just all hope that Obama takes little devil patrick and herman munster kerry to washington and get them the hell out of massachusetts!!

        • NightFury

          Hey voter, rewatch the Brown-Warren debates on YouTube. You can go enjoy your Scotty boy stammering red faced as he harps on that Native American thing over and over again. It got so old Scotty boy. Pathetic.

    • MikeA

      Hmm, if you’re into questioning intellect, then what have you found out about Obama the Affirmative Action President that would have been kicked out of college had his skin not been black?

  • Sinclair2

    I think Joe Malone is a poor choice that could further hurt the Mass. Republicans.  Aside from the fact that he was controversial as state treasurer, he represents the white male, 1950′s Republican thinking of which many want to divest themselves of that obsolete image. 

    According to what we’re hearing from post-election Republican discussions, the party needs to rebrand itself and modernize their thinking by accepting gay marriage as a civil right, pro-choice for women, reform immigration, promote diversity, attract minorities and yet maintain fiscal responsibility as their core value.

    Except for fiscal responsibility, Joe Malone is none of the above.  Bill Weld is all of the above.  In fact, a Bill Weld Republican image is the progressive role model that is sorely needed locally and nationally.

  • janesoutham

    Ha, ha!! Now the Boston Globe has buyer’s remorse about Warren today.

    http://bostonglobe.com/metro/2012/11/09/woman-few-words/g5c9RsRuoKo24VVWK9eawI/story.htmlWoah. Now even the Boston Globe is ripping into Warren for her performance at the press conference and after she won the election.After less than 12 minutes of these ­comically clipped answers, a gubernatorial aide called, “Last question,” prompting Warren to flee the room as if the podium was on fire. She made Scott Brown look like Cicero.

    • Sinclair2

      If you didn’t exaggerate so much, you might appear to be credible.  Most of us read that article.  I didn’t see the Globe “ripping” into her nor did she “flee the room as if the podium was on fire”.

      She was politely forthright and succinct.

      • janesoutham

        “She made Brown seem like Cicero.”

        • Sinclair2

          Opinion column and not the Globe.

  • X-Ray

    He lost because of a barrage of spin, distortion, half-truths, and lies
    which he chose not to refute on a one-on-one basis. That he got as much of the
    vote as he did in this overwhelmingly liberal state is nevertheless noteworthy.

    • voter

      He lost because of many reasons.  If obama wasn’t on the ticket then he would have won, so many liberals just vote D. Also all the fools in the republican party that made those assinine statements about rape hurt every decent republican. All that and people in this sate actually fell for Warrens lies and her scare tactics against women.  If he had won it would have been a bigger story

  • Yfili

    For me Brown was not a viable candidate because despite his repeated stance of being independent – he was not.  He voted for the Keystone XL pipeline and against almost every other environmental issue.  The idea that businesses will suffer if made to comply with clean air and water regulations is ridiculous. We all suffer when they don’t!  Less important, but still a factor was his own portrayal of himself as a macho military guy who served in Afghanistan.  I read that he was there for 6 or 7 days on a tour – not a tour of duty as he implied.

    • Sinclair2

      It was a visit, not a “tour”.  A tour (which means tour of duty)  in military terms is an established length of time spent in a specific location or theater of war.  Military personnel receive a service ribbon reflecting their tour experience after having satisfied the time requirements. 

      When Brown returned from his brief visit in Afghanistan, he received more publicity than a battalion of soldiers and certainly did not qualify for a ribbon.

  • NamePick

    Good work Mr. Domke.  Let me add a little.  At the root of the Brown vs Warren divide is factual knowledge and intelligence.  Brown gives the impression of being shallow and getting by on surface popularity.  Warren is a professor who has major accomplishments (TARP auditor and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and deep knowledge of how average people struggle with finance and medical problems.  If Brown wants to be anything other than popular, then he better take a few years to educate himself and figure out that the Republican ethos of libertarianism is just a simple minded myth.

    • janesoutham

      First, let me say that to millions of survivors of sexual abuse, Brown is a hero for coming forward about his own sexual abuse. Check out what they say about him over at http://www.malesurvivor.org, the biggest organization for male survivors in the world. He is a hero. He has been of enormous help, and there is nothing shallow about his coming forward. He didn’t need to.

      Also, there’s this: 

      Scott Brown graduated c.laude, honors  from Tufts: ranked #28 in top universities by US News and World report
      Elizabeth Warren graduated from the University of Houston, ranked #184 by US News and World Report. She did not graduate c laude or with ANY honors.Law Schools:Scott Brown got his law degree from Boston College, ranked #29 in top law schools by US News and World ReportElizabeth Warren got her law degree from Rutgers, ranked #82 by US News and World Report.

      • Sinclair2

        Shame, shame…..  Set aside your politics and class conciousness.It’s not about WHAT school you attended, it’s all about WHAT you did after you attended school.

        There you go again tearing apart Elizabeth Warren’s breathtaking rise from the bottom. She got married too young; then grabbed on to adult education college programs at affordable state schools with hope for a better life. She then propelled herself to the highest levels of excellence in academia at Harvard, and finally, won an election as a U.S. senator.

        She is an extraordinary role model for any young person to emulate. She is a dramatic statement for the effectiveness of our nations state college systems. Her rise to the top is beyond the wildest dreams of any young person with hope for a successful career.

        She has proven to the world, “yes you can”!

    • voter

      Really???   if warren was so great then why did obama cast her out when he could have put her in service???  Brown on the other hand, in the bluest state in this country, against the rage of a pissed off democratic machine that was still in shock over the fact that a republican took ted K’s seat, poured more money than ever in the history of this country to win it back..  The truly amazing thing about this whole story is that brown was able to do so well!!  He will be back I think.  how quickly people forget that in 2010 the republicans feasted on the stupid moves by the dems.. so in 2012 the dems won some seats back.. if things don’t get better quick what do you think will happen in the next election!

  • Jenniferj

    Stop the nonsense, he lost because of the three big cities – Boston, Worcester and Springfield. Out of the 351 municipalities, Brown won well over 200.  The democrats dominate the inner city vote.

    • Sinclair2

      Republican math just like Karl Rove and Ohio numbers.  Warren attracted a large number of votes statewide in addition to the urban votes.  Thus, she won.

      • voter

        @sinclair2   WRONG!

        • Sinclair2

          Go back and check the voting numbers.  You need to do a reality check along with the rest of those who voted for Brown and Romney.

          By the way, Warren told the truth as the truth was told to her by her family regarding her Native American heritage.  It’s common to meet white people in Oklahoma and Texas who are part Indian just as it is here in New England with French Canadians and “Swamp Yankees”.  Scott Brown demonized it and turned it into a wise guy joke and the gullable swallowed it.

          • voter

            @sinclair2  Its amazing to me that people still try to defend warren on this issue..  No one is saying that her parents didn’t tell her those stories.   That was never the point.   She may very well be 1/32 indian.  SO WHAT!!  We all have mixed heritage in us..  there was a report out last year that sarah palin and obama are distant cousins.  The point is (again) that she isn’t a minority, she was never discriminated against because of a so-called minority background. For crying out loud, the woman looks like she just got off the Mayflower.  Any half wit knows the truth about what she did and why she did it.  She gained an advantage over other more qualified people by checking the box”!  So other people were hurt by what she did. She did it to fatten her own wallet.  Harvard comes off in disgrace over this for promoting her as a minority.. they (at the time were thrilled by the twofer factor)  a woman and a minority!!  And neither of them will own up to it.  Thats why they refuse to release the documents..    You can fool some of the people some of the time…………….  

          • Sinclair2

            She never claimed to be a minority.  She claimed her Native American family background just like so many here in New England do and  “who look like they just got off the Mayflower”.  The advantage she gained over other people was through her ability to excel.  Get over it.

            She’s an extraordinary woman who came from a simple family “barncoat-pickup-truck” background in Oklahoma, got married too young, was a product of adult education programs through state schools, then reached the highest levels within academia and then was elected a U.S. senator. 

            Recognize excellence when it’s staring at you in the face regardless of your political ideas.

          • voter

            Wow, talk about being in denial!!  The only reason Harvard hired her was because she claimed that she was a minority!! By the way.. being “native American” in this country is being a minority.  She was and still ,is the only person hired at Harvard in her position that didn’t  come from an ivy league college. that is BECAUSE she “checked the box”!  At that time Harvard was under fire for not hiring minorities!   Keep distorting the truth …. you will go far…  Maybe into politics!   

          • Sinclair2

            Your information and beliefs are exactly what the rational wing of the Republican party is concerned about and is discussing right now.  The far right still believing in their tweaked and twisted propaganda while trying to win votes from the undecided, how it placed them in the bigtime loss column, and how to recognize the truth. 

            I can tell you first hand what happened because I’ve seen it happen often.  It’s common in industry and the acadamic world.  People are always asked by their human resources representatives, after they are hired, to volunteer in declaring their ethnic background. (especially in defense industries and academic communities because of government research money/grants)  As you know, it’s done to satisfy compliance requirements regarding affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

            Many people will proudly volunteer their ethnic identity especially when they don’t look like the stereotype.  (We live in an ethnocentric society) This is especially common among Hispanics.  For instance, anyone coming from Latin American countries are considered Hispanic according to the EEO rules.  That includes ethnic Germans and ethnic Italians and Jews (Polish Jews, Russian Jews, German Jews) from Argentina,etc.

            Elizabeth Warren did what anyone else would have done.  She innocently (and proudly) listed herself as one with American Indian background because that’s what she was told since childhood.  This is common in Oklahoma and Texas; yet were kept as family secrets until recent years because of racial prejudice.  I’ve also seen and met many people with these claims in my travels.

            Here’s another one for you to digest and you may want to sit down for this one.  Colin Powell is NOT a minority, according to AA/EEO the rules.  He’s not African American.  His parents came from Jamaica.  If his parents came from a Latin American country, he would be Hispanic, therefore he would be a minority. 


       and what, they shouldn’t count?

  • PoliticalJunky2012

    I wonder why Mr. Domke doesn’t mention the most obvious reason for Scott Brown’s loss: the national Republican brand is just too far right for Massachusetts — and for a lot of other states too (e.g. California).  Brown’s win in a special election had more to do with luck than anything else.  If Massachusetts Republicans are going to elect someone to the US Senate any time soon, they will have to do more than change their name.  They will need to disaffiliate from the national party and promise to caucus independently in Washington.

    • bkena

       The Republican ‘brand’ – BTW didn’t know if was a ‘brand’ – is that like Nike or l.l.bean – I thought it was a political party based on certain policies and principals…but, be that as it may,  Republican seem to be clinging to traditional social values that are too far right not only MA but for much of the country.  However, those traditional parts of the country believe in their far right values .. How are the Republicans to change without alienating what seems to be their base????

  • Jorge222

    I voted for Warren.  But let’s get real here Todd; the reason for Brown’s loss can be summed up in two words: “Mitch McConnell.”  It’s obvious from the election results in Massachusetts that a very large number of voters were appalled by the behavior of the Republicans in Congress over  the last 2 years and were looking for ways to register their displeasure with it.  Brown, Tisei and Bielat were the only targets available.   Brown was a likable, competent and reasonable guy who ran a decent campaign.  If it wasn’t for his party, he would have won by 20 percentage points.

  • bkena

    Mr. Domke has written a very useful , and I believe, accurate evaluation of Scott Brown’s performance.  Brown was never really able to convince that he was a truly ‘independent, non-partisan’ voice, or perhaps more importantly, that he had anything constructive to offer MA citizens.  His non=partisan votes were on inconsequential issues and anyone who researched it would draw the same conclusions.  And what about the shallow attempts to convey him as pro-woman, by featuring ads of his reporter wife and daughters?  Please. But for those who were still undecided, his aggressive and slanderous attacks of Elizabeth Warren were just ugly enough to turn them to vote for Warren.  

  • WarrenB

    The deomcrats are a well disciplined coalition of unions, environmentalists, minorities etc.  The republicans are not well defined as business people, deficit hawks, christian extremists, etc.  That is a big reason for Mass. being a 1-party state.

    • http://twitter.com/wwwcash Criostoir

      Brown won in most affluent suburbs like Braintree and Weymouth where well paid union workers live. He just didn’t appeal to people living on the financial edge and those minorities like people of color, Hispanics  single women, gays and those who don’t think primarily with their pocketbook.

  • Jmlorimer

    As a lifelong Democrat and liberal, I probably would never have voted for Brown anyway, but the nastiness of his campaign ads and his votes on Equal Pay for Equal Work, the Blunt amendment, and his support for maintaining tax breaks for millionaires, plus the fact the Republican Party  has more than its fair share of right wing misogynists,  homophobes, xenophobes,  and racists, clinched my vote for Warren.  Those words do not describe Brown, but they certainly do  apply to a large number of his fellow Senate Republicans. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. People in Massachusetts were appalled at the prospect of a Republican takeover of the Senate, and voted accordingly.

    • Bb Shop

      I completely agree with your comment. Brown tried to separate himself from the party -vote the person, not the party – but he couldn’t when he voted the way that he did on important issues plus the fact that he signed the Norquist pledge. That really did it for me.

    • voter

      You clearly do not know what you are talking about.  All you heard were the “soundbites” and you never went any deeper than that.  There were great, solid clear reasons for all of Browns votes.  The distortion of what warren and the liberal biased media about the real truth is disgusting.  warren is a proven liar and a complete fraud.   All you liberals who say raise my taxes.. well your about to get your wish..   


         dude do you understand what grover norquist agreement means, what the ramifications of the blunt amendment were – what reciprocity means and the context ?   Rush Limbaugh and Howie Car really aren’t reliable sources for information

        • voter

          Limbaugh is a joke.  Carr has credibility.  What Norquist did was wake a lot of people up.  Do i think he helped save some of my money…  The answer is yes!   Its my money!!  I’m so sick and tired of people saying its not mine!!

          This government is out of control…  If it were a business (and lets be truthful, here it in reality is) it would have filed for bankruptcy a long time ago.  

      • Sinclair2

        Warren is a role model for all young women who hope to succeed.  She has proven that going to state colleges and working hard by applying yourself  during your education process is the key to achievement, not where you went to school.

        CCNY (City College of New York, now University) has the largest number of Nobel Prize winners in the U.S. within their alumni.  They all came from poor immigrant families and received a tuition-free undergraduate education.  They then went on to the best graduate schools (MIT, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, etc) and the rest is a history through which the world reaped the rewards based on their achievements.

        If any of these people entered politics as a Democrat, they would be written off as “loonies” by the far right-wing nuts.  That’s how bad the far right is with their attitude toward well educated people.  They demonize their opponents, call the educated “elitists” (just like Hitler & Stalin did)  and communicate through Fox News.

  • yello44

    Brown lost because he needed 1 in 4 Obama voters in that state of crazy liberals to vote for him.  Wasn’t going to happen.  Jesus Christ (I mean, if Democrats believed in him) running as a Republican in a presidential year in Massachusetts would still have lost. 

    • http://twitter.com/wwwcash Criostoir

      Crazed Liberals perhaps but it is democracy and even crazed liberals do have a right to vote.

      • voter

        I’m a believer that there should be an IQ test for voters.. clearly there are many lemmings out there who should never be allowed to vote..

  • Leonc1

    Scott lost his staunch support when he came out against the reciprocity bill.

  • SavyinDallas

    How about that Warren was just an unusually good candidate? Im  a conservative Reagan/Buchanan/Ron Paul Republican activist from Texas who has been a republican deleagte to 10 straight Republican conventions among many other things. Republicans were inclined to support Wall Street Goldman Sachs interests  -Elizabeth stood up for us  -the middle class, working people.  I support small business and freedom for us -the middle class -not crony Capitalism and Wall Street Hucksters. I sent her a contribution and proudly wear her Warren for Senate T-shirt -for nearly a year.

    • voter

      I disagree, i think Warren was someone that the liberals in this country just bought a senate seat for.  she is a proven liar and a fraud.. but in old MA, the bluest state in the country, the bigger story would have been if she lost!

      • bkena

         Wrong again, Voter.  The financial services sector gave Mr. Brown more than $5.5 MILLLION TO DEFEAT WARREN.  Don’t take my word for it look it up yourself, which YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE BEFORE YOUR OVER-POSTING.  They are terrified of her on Wall Street.  What you ‘think’ Voter, and what are THE FACTs, Voter, ARE two different things. 

        • voter

          … warren was given twice that…  do your own homework…  

          • Sinclair2

            Most of Warren’s money was grassroots, little people in large numbers.  Brown’s money came from the big guys with big bucks.  Koch brothers, Raytheon, Mass Mutual, Fidelity, etc.

          • voter


  • http://twitter.com/wwwcash Criostoir

    Look at the election result map;

    Brown won the affluent suburbs while Warren won with lower classes and special interest groups.

    The secret to Warrens win was simply getting out the vote in high population areas like Boston 74% Warren, Cambridge 84% Warren, Newton, Lowell, Worcester, Lawrence etc.

    • bkena

       Actually, if you look closely, you will see that Warren won in many affluent suburbs: Acton, Carlisle, Concord, Newton, Wayland, Wellesley, Lincoln, Bedford, Sudbury, Harvard, etc., as well as much of the south shore, cape and islands.

       She also won, Lowell, Lawrence, Worcester, Boston, Cambridge, etc.  This indicates that her win was broad-based, as she had appeal to all socioeconomic groups.

  • voter

    Brown was hurt by the stupid comments made by other republicans in the country. those idiots and their idiotic comments about rape.  They hurt all republicans.  Lets be truthful here…  Warren, Patrick and other liberals, lied about Brown and about what they themselves stand for…   Warren herself got caught up in her own lies. I for one always vote as an independent. But the liberal agenda is bankrupting this country.  Over the next 4 – 6 years we will see the proof of that.    But, in MA, the bluest state in this country it will always be a huge challenge for an independent to win. 


       was there an Independent on the Ballot? Wasn’t brown if he signed the grover norquist agreement.

      • voter

        Norquist has the correct idea… all you fools who keep wanting to take more money from the people in this country that actually do the work are insane!!  The well is running dry… raising taxes again and again is NOT THE ANSWER!!!!    I want this country to stop WASTING MY MONEY on layabouts and fools with their hands out taking and taking ..

  • Nthanda

    When Brown released his Obama Supporters for Scott Brown signs and hired homeless people to carry them around in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan – it just reeked of desparation and pathetic, bordering on patronizing campaign tactic. Seriously, what did he take the community of color for? why didnt he take those pathetic signs to Cambridge/Wrentham/Carlisle??!! He lost because he is an old establishment candidate who is insulated from the emerging demographics of America. Reconcile with the future of America instead of sticking to the image of the USA of yesterday.
    As a Mass resident, I believe its our role in this nation to be voice of progressive thinking, liberal ideas NOT moderate stuff.. innovation has never come from a moderate mind. Ted Kennedy was able to fight for Headstart because he was a LIBERAL -not a moderate. Let the other states send moderates to DC, but I will send my liberal MA politicians to DC…. and thats how I personally like it!

    • voter

      you fail to mention that warren used paid unions to carry her signs..  some of them were interviewed during the race and said that they would be fined up to $250 if they didn’t carry her signs.. many said they were not going to vote for her.  So when you tell a story please tell the WHOLE story!  I for one never heard about this “hiring” of homeless people until I read your post so I find it highly unlikely.  Progressive thinking is fine… but the liberal agenda is tax, tax, tax…   they have no other answers.  I am a lifelong MA person, born and raised here..  what I see is that there are more and more Independents than ever.. and the # is growing..  So lets hope that we can knock some sense into all you liberal loonies!

      • Nthanda

        Let me help you a little bit….

        The answer has not been taxes-taxes-taxes…. we are still paying lower taxes than we paid in the Clinton era, so yes, I say raise them a little bit more, even more than they are now, if its going to guarantee that my grandmother will be taken care of, my epileptic neighbor’s son will get the medical coverage and care he needs (by the way my neighbor is Nurse who works two jobs and is raising three wonderful children by herself)… we have to evolve to a certain level of sophistication whereby we are not leaving anyone behind. As Obama puts it WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

        The challenge in not understanding us – the so called Liberal Loonies – is that we believe in a certain idea of equity – and we hear that message in Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama…. there we are…. lets get on with it…. thats the soup that is going to be served in the next four years…..

        My dear, you say you are an ‘Independent’?… well I guess its a matter of self-perception — from where I am sitting …. all I could say is “Things that make you mmmmmm!’……..

        • voter

          Well, how about they raise your taxes and lower everyone who is overwhelmed by how much a gallon of gas costs us now as opposed to what it was when Clinton was pres.. Or how about the FACT that Obama care is now (as defined by the Supreme Court) A TAX!!  And that will only increase every year!  So tell me again how out taxes are lower???  Do you really think that warren believes in equity when she clearly lied when she “checked the box” at the age of 38 claiming she was a minority, then she, 10 years later magically became white again after she secured herself positions at Penn and Harvard. Out right FRAUD and any honest person knows it.   
          The problem in this country now though is, as you said, you want your grandmother “taken care of”, your neighbors son, extended years of unemployment benefits, Bankers who commit fraud and corruption but the government just hands them more cash,  all the ones who get the free Obama phones…  I have to disagree.. We are NOT all in this together.. because there are now too many who get taken care of who don’t contribute!  I am a small business owner and it now takes me twice as many hours of work in a week to make enough to keep going… Why do you think that is??  
          It comes down to this…  get this out of control spending and Waste of MY money under control OR GET OUT OF GOVERNMENT!!
          This country is more divided now than at any point since the Civil War…  You cannot dismiss that in 2010 the Dems lost big.. Now in 2012 they gained.. If things don’t get better quick what do you think will happen in the next election….  and yes I am a Independent.. anyone who votes “party” is a fool.  You always need to vote for the best person. 


             wow – this sounds like a script from right wing talk radio – lots of bull, loss of credibility there with the “paid” and “fined” union thing.
            That just gets me so angry.  Back it up w/facts.
            What about Senator Centerfold’s Cosmo NUDE centerfold.  Double standard there? He was paid $1000, not enough to cover books for college … $600 barn coat and a truck doesn’t trump a nude spread w/the crease in the right places….

          • voter

            So your response is that when Brown was in his early 20′s and he was a a model earning money to put himself through college that now 30+ tears later that defines him??  What about warrens lie’s and fraud!!  Oh, thats right according to all you looney liberals that never happened!  Yet even today she and Harvard refuse to release her applications and documents that would show us all what they did.. we all know the truth about her…  She hurt other more qualified people just fatten her own wallet!  FACT!  No one ever said anything about the union members being paid.. But yes the fines are reality.. I have a cousin who is in the union and he was forced to do his time on behalf of the union or he would have been fined $25o…  Call Wttk on monday and ask Margarie Egan about it.. she is a die hard liberal.. but even she reported on it.


         My husband is a member of a labor union in Boston- he got the called to hold signs -more than once -WARREN WAS NOT PAYING THEM.  You need to back that one up w/facts

        • voter

          Didn’t sat that warren paid them…  The Unions were fining members for not doing their job of supporting the Union’s pick….  It is a fact!!  you can’t make this stuff up… Wtkk did a whole week of reporting on this..  It doesn’t matter if the liberals keep trying to deny it, it is what they do best.. lie and distort the TRUTH!!

        • voter

          I have no idea (even if what you said is true about your husband being in a union) what union your “husband” is in.  Not all Unions backed Warren  Here’s a clue…. Google it!


         and who FINES them? that is bull

        • voter

          Actually that is a FACT!! IT was heavily reported on all the local news stations..  Even Jim Bruade  (big time Liberal)on NECN and Wtkk radio was reporting on it…   But this is what the Liberal agenda does,  distort and lie and all the lemmings fall in line

  • dispointedconservative

    Scotty lost for the same reason Romney lost 5 million Conservatives stayed home.  You don’t make promises during a campaign (the special election) then after you win say you didn’t really get any help and are not beholden to the tea party or Republican establishment.  

  • Tony

     Conservatives Struggle To Explain How Mitt Romney Lost 2012 Presidential Election:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/09/conservatives-mitt-romney-presidential-election_n_2099504.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular


    You  missed a couple reasons Scott Brown lost, especially w/women, young women, unmarried women and women, who are facing similar issues like I am -married for 26 years and mother of two  graduated young women heavily burdened w/school loans.
    Brown and his strategists seem to think waayy up here in MA, we weren’t paying attention to his votes. The media really hasn’t covered the votes our Senators have taken and what they mean to us. 
    Brown voted against the Fair Pay act – putting teeth into what’s in play now – saying it is “yet another regulation” on businesses. Interesting.
    He signed the Grover Norquist agreement – it makes us question where his loyalties lie – why make a commitment like that if not to be loyal to the GOP and their platform? It makes us all wonder if he really is considering all options and willing to compromise, actually “work/reach across the aisle” when truly needed.  He signed a commitment to/created by a lobbyist!
    And so important right now, he voted against extending the relief for student loans.

    He did vote with his party 67% of the time – but when you look at which votes were with the Rs and what were with the D’s the substantive issues were in the votes w/the R – cloture, filibuster, and no to votes that affect women, families, students etc….

    All of this is available online, and we are using social media to share.

    Oh, and the blatant double standard that comes when men wink and nod at a man who posed nude. If a woman running for office posed nude in a centerfold spread, even if it was somehow tasteful … well we all know what that would mean to her political career.

    I’ve had occasion to be present at public appearances w/him over the past two years and each time he has been overtly condescending and doesn’t answer questions directly. Could it be that he simply has the looks but no substance?

    The  GOP has a ground game in some areas – more use of phones – but their candidates are still representative of the Republican platform, and that platform is dangerous to women….

    that is more important to many of us than commercials

  • graspen

    Scott Brown was not even in the Senate when the Ledbetter Act vote occurred.


      Scott Brown VOTED AGAINST S.2330 Paycheck Fairness Act aka fair pay act, June 2012  — look it up – scott brown voted to filibuster – cloture vote – all there in the senate records  – some snips from stories out at the time:

      Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (pictured) in defending his
      party’s obstruction of the legislation claimed he was concerned about an
      uptick in litigation. “We don’t think America suffers from a lack of
      litigation,” he said, The Associated Press reported. “We got a lot of problems. Not enough lawsuits is not one of them.”

      The 52 – 47 vote was short of the 60 votes needed to end the
      Republican filibuster. Sen. Patrick Leahy, a co-sponsor of the measure,
      said his Party “would continue to build the case for these remedies, which will make a pocketbook difference to so many women in the American workforce, and to their families.”

      “American women are mad as hell,” Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D- MD., sponsor
      of the bill said today on a conference call, noting that women still
      make 77 cents for every dollar that men make for the same job requiring
      same set of education. That data comes from a study of 2010 government
      statistics by  group called the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.


    That is illegal, we are very involved in the politics and affairs of the top labor unions in boston my friend — show me proof – I only see you quoting something you said you sawon TV or heard on the radio – NOT TRUE – they cannot fine someone for not protesting or rallying! again, ACLU laws  – but we do know that there were several companies that threatened jobs if employees didn’t vote for romney – course they weren’t union. glad to back that up – urwant to see proof  some sort of attribution of your bull

    • voter

      You seem to know your way around the internet, Google it!  I can’t keep doing all the work for you liberal loonies!  You can’t make this stuff up… its a fact


    Done , clearly you are:
     an angry man who:

    -loves talk radio, buys into it, doesn’t care about the whether what you are told is fact or fiction because you need something to be angry at,

    -sees corruption in all government.

    -can’t prove the claim that there were fines for unions members who wouldn’t – what give up a day’s pay to rally for warren – cause it’s not true

    -can’t prove Warren paid union members to rally, cause it’s not true

    - can’t prove there was any “get” for EW in describing her history

    - believes that liberals want to take your guns and make you into a vegetarian

    -can’t accept or perhaps isn’t aware or maby doesnt understand why it’s a problem that Scott brown ***voted against equal pay for women**  **co-sponsored the blunt ammendment** and **signed the norquist agreement, and hoped we wouldn’t notice**

    -doesn’t fully understand what the Norquist agmt is, who Norquist is and why/how he is a lobbiest representing special interests, including the people who own the talk radio and Fox news stations BTW – and that that agreement will only protect the wealthiest among us including Howie CArr and his bosses who own the radio stations you listen to, fox news etc…. and have you right where they need you

    -sees nothing wrong w/a man doing a nude photos spread for a magazine centerfold, but probably would use that as an excuse not to vote for a woman – probably has that photo hanging in your garage …..

     ***Thanks so much for illustrating the problem with the GOP. ***

    Crack a beer, put on a meatloaf album and take it easy today.

    -I just came from honoring the veterans in my family and in my neighborhood, men women white black and hispanic
     …. all who are still with us voted for warren and obama and think Brown is a joke, bragging about his “service” when he really hasn’t ever served in combat – just had a talk with a group of people about that…..

    Try to keep your blood pressure under control and enjoy your long weekend.

    • voter

      So Funny!!!   so should I spend an hour going through the list of things that you so clearly are in denial and are lying about to make yourself come off as some kind of semi intelligent liberal?  

      First off I am a veteran who served in combat and am proud to say that i voted for Sen Brown. His long years of service are to be praised.  Unlike that of any liberal that i can think of in recent history including Obama, Patrick, Warren…  need i go on? 

      I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage since 1985 when my first son was born. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it, its just that i like to have a clear mind at all times. 

      Norquist has the right idea.. that being that this government is out of control. The waste is killing this country, and people who constantly have their hands out, like yourself, could care less about the people who work for a living. being a small business owner i feel that everyday and yeah it is disgusting. But that is the Liberal agenda.. take from the ones who work and give to all the layabouts.  thats how obama got through school.. never paid a dime of his own money except for all the pot that he smoked.. oh, i forgot he made his money in college selling dope to all his friends..  

      as i said before, if you have any questions about the true and factual statement I made, Google them.. I’m not here to do your homework.. I do enough for you already by paying taxes..

      Just because you write that things aren’t true.. does not change the FACTS that have already been proven about Warren and all her lies…  But, that is the Liberal way.. lie and distort the facts and the truth and most  liberals buy into it..   

      There is no changing closed minded people who only have their hands out..  but i do find you so amusing!

      thanks for the chuckle!

      • Sinclair2

        How can Scott Brown’s “long years of service ” be praised when he was drilling one weekend per month?  Add up the thirty years and you get approximately 3.12 years of actual service just showing up and pushing papers for two days per month. 

        How can he be praised when he visited Afghansitan and said it was a “tour” when it was actually a high visibility visit for a week or so. When he came home, he got more publicity than a battalion of soldiers. 

        He used that uniform for personal gain and to win votes.

        • voter

          keep making things up…  its what you libs do best.. brown has been “in service for 20+ years  .. long before he ever got involved in politics

          • voter

            actually 32 years of service…    he again was on wtkk this am with two outspoken liberals who continue to praise his outstanding service to this country!

          • Sinclair2

            WTKK is a propaganda tool for the far right.  Total of over 3.12 years service exploiting the Guard for personal gain often wearing his uniform in public during campaign season.

          • voter

            I’m sure Braude and Egan will get a chuckle over that statement….   another uninformed liberal making an ass out out of himself.  have fun at whole foods paying big $ for your organic bannana’s 

          • Sinclair2

            Correction.  Tune in from 3 – 7pm for the far-right blend of fact and fiction as “truth”.  I shop at Costco.  (bananas .39 cents lb)  By the way, what bar room do you hang out where you can talk about stereotypes all day long and not have to think?

          • Sinclair2

            Karl Rove Republican math is your guide to soothe the pain of losing.  Brown has been in the Guard for over 30 years, (not “20+ years”) at one weekend per month.  Again, that translates to 3.12 total years including his two weeks annual active duty. 

            Since entering politics, he’s worn that uniform for personal gain.  The National Guard has a glorious and long history that is second to none.  It also has a dark side, having been tainted by politics and personal gain from members like Brown.

            He would never be activated if there was a national emergency, by the way.  That held true in the past with members of the reserve like the late Senator John Tower (Master Chief Bo’sun’s Mate), former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman (Capt, USNR) and critical Civil Service employees like F.A.A. Air Traffic Controllers who are in the reserves and Guard.  Regarding the Civil Service employees, the government looks the other way and doesn’t bother them because of their hard working “hands-on” role on “drill weekends”.   Trust me.

      • Bcowley

        Hell hath no fury like a “voter” disappointed.  It must be difficult, given the fact that you have to spend twice as many hours working now just to keep your small business afloat, to find the time for so many blog screeds.  Who wouldn’t applaud your service to the country, as a combat veteran, and admire your support for a fellow serviceman (although, truth be told, I suspect that you had few problems voting for Republican Presidential candidates who never quite matched your willingness to put themselves in patriotic harm’s way).  The bottom-line is that Elizabeth Warren won, that Scott Brown will probably have a not-so-distant chance to run again, and that you will have another chance to campaign for him.  That Massachusetts is a liberal state should come as no surprise–nothing much to do about that except (to borrow and adapt a famous Romney quote) to self-secede and move your business to some safe red state, where you’ll find lots of company in the hand-wringing conviction that the U.S. is going to socialist hell in a handbasket–with all those deadbeats looking for a hand-out and all those bleeding-heart liberals believing that the government does have an important and traditional role in providing for those in need.  (I wonder how you feel about FEMA, for example, which takes your hard-earned tax dollars and uses them to assist the devastated farther down on the East Coast and even to help them re-build.  They decided where to live–shouldn’t they just pull themselves up by their own bootstraps?)  The nation is certainly divided in its view of what role the federal government (and we the citizens and taxpayers) should play in the lives of the people, but for the moment, at least, the voters of Massachusetts and the country have taken a fairly decisive position. 

  • Sinclair2

    To: “VOTER”

    Your information and beliefs are exactly what the rational wing of the Republican party is concerned about and is discussing right now. The far right still believing in their tweaked and twisted propaganda while trying to win votes from the undecided, how it placed them in the bigtime loss column, and how to recognize the truth.
    I can tell you first hand what happened because I’ve seen it happen often. It’s common in industry and the acadamic world. People are always asked by their human resources representatives, after they are hired, to volunteer in declaring their ethnic background. (especially in defense industries and academic communities because of government research money/grants) As you know, it’s done to satisfy compliance requirements regarding affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

    Many people will proudly volunteer their ethnic identity especially when they don’t look like the stereotype. (We live in an ethnocentric society) This is especially common among Hispanics. For instance, anyone coming from Latin American countries are considered Hispanic according to the EEO rules. That includes ethnic Germans and ethnic Italians and Jews (Polish Jews, Russian Jews, German Jews) from Argentina,etc.

    Elizabeth Warren did what anyone else would have done. She innocently (and proudly) listed herself as one with American Indian background because that’s what she was told since childhood. This is common in Oklahoma and Texas; yet were kept as family secrets until recent years because of racial prejudice. I’ve also seen and met many people with these claims in my travels.

    Here’s another one for you to digest and you may want to sit down for this one. Colin Powell is NOT a minority, according to AA/EEO the rules. He’s not African American. His parents came from Jamaica. If his parents came from a Latin American country, he would be Hispanic, therefore he would be a minority

    • voter


  • whyworry?

    Why spent time worrying about Scott Brown?
    His “soldier-friends” will get him a job at the Pentagon.

  • http://moderatethoughtsandmusings.blogspot.com/ Joe

    I think that one of the things Brown and his staff did that proved to be a fatal flaw was to adopt rhetoric that more or less painted Warren as a nerdy academic and Brown as the cool jock everyone wants to hang with. In other words, he was the high school bully most of us despised.
    I think he should have hammered home her defense of insurance companies as an attorney and at the same time projecting a”for the little guy” image. That gained traction with me, but it was way too little way too late.

  • MikeA

    Make all the politically correct excuses that you like. Scott Brown lost because he proved himself to be a RINO right after the election. Consequently, people like me who supported him financially and through volunteer efforts decided that if Massachusetts was going to have a Democrat as a senator, then let it be a real Democrate.

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