South Boston Woman Kidnapped, Fatally Stabbed

Boston Police have released this surveillance image of Amy Lord from Tuesday morning.

Boston Police have released this surveillance image of Amy Lord from Tuesday morning.

BOSTON — The first sign that something was amiss came at 8:40 a.m. Tuesday: a report of a black Jeep burning on Logan Way in South Boston. It was registered to an Amy Lord.

At 11 a.m., investigators were notified that the 24-year-old Lord had been reported missing after she failed to arrive for an appointment.

At 4:21 p.m., a man riding his bike through the Stony Brook Reservation in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood spotted a body in a wooded area.

“We believe that Ms. Lord was abducted in South Boston, taken to Stony Brook where she was fatally stabbed,” Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said Wednesday at a press conference.

The location where Amy Lord's Jeep was found burning in South Boston on Tuesday morning. (Delores Handy/WBUR)

The location where Amy Lord’s Jeep was found burning in South Boston on Tuesday morning. (Delores Handy/WBUR)

Lord, a native of Wilbraham, was a 2011 graduate of Bentley University. She was living in a South Boston apartment while working at a digital media startup in the South End.

Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Dan Linskey says there’s video surveillance of her from Tuesday morning.

“It’s our belief that the victim was in her vehicle with a potential suspect between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6:47 a.m. at various banks in the city of Boston,” Linskey said. “The areas in question are the East Boston Savings Bank around 501 South Hampton St., the Metro Credit Union at 1071 Massachusetts Ave., Bank of America at 555 Columbia Rd., Sovereign Bank at 585 Columbia Rd. and Citizens Bank at 217 Adams St.”

Authorities released a photo showing Lord at one of those banks on Columbia Road. They are asking for the public’s help.

“She was wearing very distinctive clothing,” Linksey said. “We’re asking individuals if they were out and about in the area at that time if they might have seen the victim getting out of her vehicle and might have seen something that would be helpful and beneficial to our detectives.”

In Lord’s South Boston neighborhood, 21-year-old Taryn Mancuso says there has been a rash of violent incidents recently, including robberies and break-ins. Mancuso says Lord’s death is scary.

“That’s not shocking, though, they wanted her money and then they got rid of her,” Mancuso said. “It’s sad.”

According to police, Lord is one of three women attacked in fewer than 24 hours in that neighborhood. In the first attack at 5 a.m., a woman was punched in the face. An hour later, at 6:00 a.m., Lord was captured on video at the the first ATM.

Less than 24 hours later, just after midnight Wednesday, a third woman says she fought off a man wielding a knife. In that incident a suspect was arrested. Edwin Alemany, 28, was charged with assault with intent to murder. He has not been charged in Lord’s death.

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  • PaulD

    The state government, with encouragement from the BPD, has made it a law that a person has to apply for permission (in the form of a license, requiring an extensive background check, from the local police) to own and carry pepper spray. Our own Martha Coakley has stated “we don’t encourage self help”. This attitude from our “leaders” is what begets a situation like this where an innocent young woman spends her last moments on earth in mortal fear and panic. RIP Miss Lord.

    • paintpaintpaint

      Duh… I believe Martha Coakley was NOT happy with this law….

      • PaulD

        Which law? The one requiring a license for pepper spray? The law went in well before she became AG but there is now a bill in the state house that will rescind the licensing requirement for it. If she doesn’t like the law, she certainly has influence with legislators to get it changed. Somehow though, based on her history, I bet she’s fine with the status quo.

        • paintpaintpaint

          Yes, Pepper Spray – there was a quote floating around with her saying it was the law… but I think she’d be happily surprised to know that you think just WANTING it to be a different law would work… she really isn’t that powerful….

          • PaulD

            It would be nice if you didn’t try to interpret what I said and just read what I wrote. I never said she has the power to legislate. She does have the power to write a bill and have it submitted by her legislator, as we all do (yes, that’s a law in MA). Further, as the AG her opinion carries a lot of weight with legislators, which was my point and I thought that was quite obvious. If you have a cite showing her opinion on pepper spray licensing, please post it.

            As for the “self help” quote, that was regarding a father who was arrested because he punched a man who molested his child. It betrayed her attitude towards those who would try to protect their own families. I’m sure you can use google for more info on it.

    • dust truck

      I don’t think pepper spray would have been very effictive in Ms. Lord’s case.

      • PaulD

        Maybe, maybe not, but based on what? She was initially attacked in her apartment where if she had made some previous preparations could have had easy access to it.

        That’s really beside the point though. The state government has worked to create an environment where a young lady has to jump through ridiculous hoops to access something like pepper spray that could help her defend herself.

        • paintpaintpaint

          OK, because, Paul D, at 6 a.m. not many people who are rushing to get to the gym are clear headed enough to find and use the spray – my problem with Coakley’s quote is that it’s most likely out of context. A bit sarcastic – as in she WISHES we encouraged self help with our laws. But maybe you know best. i just don’t think this poor girl had a chance, she was young, trusting and overwhelmed.

  • Paul McGrath

    There is nothing that you own, which is more valuable, than your own life. Why wouldn’t she run, the first chance she had the opportunity too? Her Money? replaceable. Her vehicle? replaceable. Never mind self-help advice. Fleeing her assailant would make the most sense to me. Ask D.A. Conley what a situation like this requires. I’m sure he would agree. Flight, rather than fight proves more affective in the long run. Surveillance proves this position.

  • phil3834

    It’s too bad that this state does everything to make sure people are victims like this.
    If she did defend herself, she would be pilloried by the democratic “we discourage self-help crowd”.
    How many women went out in the last few days to get pepper spray and found out “I need a firearm license to carry pepper spray ?!”.

    How many people decided that they might want to get a firearm to protect themselves and found out that it will be 4 – 6 weeks before they can meet with their police chief, then another couple months before the state can send them their permit to use their constitutional right.

    How many people looked into getting their license to carry only to be told by an arbitrary police chief “We don’t give out concealed carry permits to first time applicants.”

    It’s time we change the laws in this state to actually ALLOW people to protect themselves. We need stand your ground laws like over twenty other more enlightened states have, so people threatened by violent offenders can actually protect themselves.

    What would have happened if Amy Lord defended herself instead of just going along with the kidnapper and hoping the government would help her ? She would be alive today. How many more Amy Lords do we need before Beacon Hill takes notice ?

    • PaulD

      If she had an LTC and used a gun to defend herself, her local chief would probably immediately determine she’s an unsuitable person and rescind the LTC.

    • paintpaintpaint

      She would most likely NOT have been able to access a gun, anyway – she was getting ready for the gym…

      • PaulD

        The incident started inside her apartment.

      • dust truck

        Well, I’m sure the gun-nuts on this comment board keep their guns drawn and the safety off at all times. It’s the only way to make sure you’re ready for when an assailant takes you by surprise.

  • Brutus

    Gun rights are women’s rights. A woman with a loaded gun in her hand is the equal of a much larger and stronger man. A woman who owns and knows how to use a gun is unlikely to become a victim. Same goes for gay men.

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