Tests Ordered For Man Charged In 2 South Boston Attacks

BOSTON — Law enforcement officials say they’re continuing a “very active investigation” into the death of Amy Lord, a 24-year-old digital media analyst who lived in South Boston. Police say the Wilbraham native was abducted early Tuesday morning and forced to withdraw money from several ATMs before being stabbed to death.

Police are eyeing a 28-year-old man, but have not charged him. Edwin Alemany has been charged in two separate alleged assaults that occurred around the same time in the same neighborhood.

Alemany showed up at South Boston District Court Thursday wearing a hospital gown, but never went into the courtroom to be arraigned. A court-appointed psychiatrist, Stephen Porter, examined Alemany in a holding cell and found him barely coherent and overcome by emotions. Porter said the defendant was bleeding after pulling stitches from his hand — Alemany had apparently been treated for a cut. Porter gave his opinion that Alemany was suicidal and not in a state of mind to to cooperate with an attorney on his defense.

But Suffolk County prosecutors still wanted Alemany to be arraigned on charges for the two alleged attacks.

Authorities allege Alemany punched a woman about an hour before police say Lord was abducted Tuesday morning and, in a separate incident late Tuesday night, stabbed a woman.

But the judge ruled Thursday that Alemany was unfit to be arraigned. Judge Tracy-Lee Lyons ordered him sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for 20 days of observation and psychiatric evaluation. She set a new arraignment date of Aug. 14.

Afterward, defense attorney James Greenberg was tight-lipped, saying only that in his little time with his client, Alemany was despondent.

“I’ve just started to represent this young man. I’ve communicated with his family. He appears to have a very nice family,” Greenberg said. “My thoughts and prayers are with any alleged victims. But again, at this time, I have no comment on his case.”

And Greenberg declined to say whether Alemany has any connection to Lord.

Police have visibly stepped up patrols in South Boston. The attacks and Lord’s death unnerved many in the neighborhood, especially women.

A spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley says police are looking for any patterns in the recent attacks.

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  • phil3834

    It’s too bad that this state does everything to make sure people are victims like this. If this is the guy, good.
    If she did defend herself, she would be pilloried by the democratic “we discourage self-help crowd”.
    How many women went out in the last few days to get pepper spray and found out “I need a firearm license to carry pepper spray ?!”.

    How many people decided that they might want to get a firearm to protect themselves and found out that it will be 4 – 6 weeks before they can meet with their police chief, then another couple months before the state can send them their permit to use their constitutional right.

    How many people looked into getting their license to carry only to be told by an arbitrary police chief “We don’t give out concealed carry permits to first time applicants.”

    It’s time we change the laws in this state to actually ALLOW people to protect themselves. We need stand your ground laws like over twenty other more enlightened states have, so people threatened by violent offenders can actually protect themselves.

    What would have happened if Amy Lord defended herself instead of just going along with the kidnapper and hoping the government would help her ? She would be alive today. How many more Amy Lords do we need before Beacon Hill takes notice ?

    • Rollover35

      Phil, I am not sure if you are trying to mislead people, but as a person who recently took the classes and asked for and received a LTC, I can say it was not weeks or months. The class was 2 weeks after I signed up, I completed the class in 1 day. I then applied at my town hall the following Monday, filled in the paperwork in one day. I had the license 3 weeks later and I purchased my first piece that day. In all, in 5 weeks I went from zero to wanna be hero.

      Waiting 5 weeks did not hurt my self-esteem or violate my rights. I frankly like the idea of everyone in the country waiting to buy a gun, idiots might have a day to calm down and think. And since waiting is not infringing on anyone’s rights, it may help our nation.

      It is just as easy, to get pepper spray and you can do what I did, I went north and bought spray for my wife and said, “use it if you need, we can hire a lawyer later” so she had the spray in 2 hours. We then went through the proper channels to get her a license, but she was safer that day. My wife also took a RAD course through 0 he local police department and is safer.

      A gun does not make you safer in the public. If I miss and hit a kid or an innocent person, I ruined someone else’s life and I pay the consequences. You morons think that carrying a gun solves all the problems, but if you mess up, it will bring in more then you can imagine. Bullets do not stop if you ask it to because you missed the target, they keep going for hundreds more feet.

      • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

        ah the key words to your story highlight the problem exactly

        “I then applied at my town hall ”

        congratulations you live in a “green town”!

        There are separate and unequal conditions here in the commonwealth. your chief followed the law. many many others do not and thus far have done so without reproach. the law states that they are required to issue a license or a denial letter in 45 days. give the Worcester police a call and ask how long it will take to process your license. don’t forget to ask how many months you have to wait for the privilege or making an appointment to turn your license application in during the limited times they accept them. keep in mind that the period of time they tell you it will take to process your license is a lie. in fact, expect to be lied to during the whole process.
        can you tell me why you think we should have separate and unequal standards to exercise our rights in the same state?

    • Paul McGrath

      You miss the point phil. On @ least 5 separate occasions( 5 withdrawals from 5 different ATM locations), Amy had the opportunity to flee her assailant. Why would personal possessions supersede safety of self? Flight before fight is the suggested action in abduction. Money? replaceable. Motor vehicle? replaceable. Innocent life lost? incomprehensible. I hope justice prevails for the family of Amy Lord. I pray a day will come when society sees hindsight as insight to a more practical prerogative. Nothing is more valuable than life itself. God Bless Amy, and those who loved, and knew her to be more precious than gold.

    • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

      forget stand your ground we need shall issue to stop the racist criminal police from denying people exercise of their basic civil rights

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