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Boston Gun Buyback Set After Boy’s Shooting Death

BOSTON — Mayor Martin Walsh says Boston’s police department and the city will initiate a gun buyback after a 14-year-old boy was accused of accidentally shooting and killing his 9-year-old brother.

Walsh said city officials and police need help from the community to find out where guns are

The city has been considering a gun buyback for several weeks following nine homicides in January. Police say many were gang-related.

Clergy met with Police Commissioner William Evans and Superintendent in Chief William Gross at the end of January to discuss ways to end the violence. A gun buyback emerged as a possibility.

Walsh says the buyback will now go forward.

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  • wareinparis

    This is not a perfect solution, but is something. If this saves one life, it will be worth the effort and the dollars.

    • Arkuy The Great

      Indeed, IF it saves one life…

    • PaulD

      There are a lot of things that could “save just one life”. Are they all worth it? Outlawing certain types of speech could save lives. Is it worth it? Also, what are the odds on the “if” part?

  • Matthew McKnight

    Gun buybacks are a joke. Granted, they’re a great way for us law-abiding citizens to sell useless non-working firearms and use the proceeds to buy new guns, but that shouldn’t be done on the tax payer’s dollar.

  • X-Ray

    The 14 year old would not have turned in the illegal gun.

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