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Sanders Defeats Clinton In Decisive Victory In New Hampshire Democratic Primary

February 10, 2016
Sanders reacts to the cheering crowd at his primary night rally in Concord, N.H. (J David Ake/AP)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire Tuesday night, by a resounding margin of 60 to 38 percent with 88 percent of precincts reporting.

That Cwazy Wabbit Is Back At The Bwattle — Why We Wuv Him So Much

February 10, 2016
Bugs Bunny in the arms of Elmer Fudd. (Courtesy Brattle Theatre/Warner Brothers)

Why is Bugs Bunny and the Warner Brothers Looney-tics such cultural icons while Mickey Mouse and the Disney pack — not so much. Here comes the 21st annual festival at the Brattle Theatre.

‘The Convert’ In Central Square — Revisiting Rhodesian Repression

February 10, 2016
Adobuere Ebiama and Maurice Emmanuel Parent in Underground Railway Theater's production of "The Convert." (Courtesy A.R. Sinclair Photography/Central Square Theater)

Central Square Theater presents Underground Railway Theater’s production of “The Convert” by Danai Gurira, who wrote “Eclipsed” and stars in “The Walking Dead.”

As It Happened: Updates From Primary Day In New Hampshire

February 09, 2016

Check out updates from our reporters who were in New Hampshire for primary day.

Baker, Walsh Announce Joint Redevelopment Effort In Boston

February 09, 2016
The area in red, on Kneeland Street in Boston, is slated for redevelopment, as a result of the city-state partnership. (Courtesy of the governor's office)

The venture is designed to pave the way for new housing and businesses in downtown Boston.

Photos: New Hampshire Voters Have Their Say

February 09, 2016
The crowd erupted as CNN called the New Hampshire Republican primary for Donald Trump. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Voters across the Granite State cast their ballots Tuesday, in a presidential primary that was expected to draw record turnout.

Maps: County-By-County N.H. Primary Results

February 09, 2016
Voting booths in Bedford High School in Bedford, N.H. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Bernie Sanders won their respective New Hampshire primaries.

WBUR’s Morning Edition Podcast: Feb. 9, 2016

February 09, 2016

A podcast of what local features aired today on WBUR’s Morning Edition.

The Grisly Details Of ‘The Perfect Crime’ And Its Cultural Aftermath

February 09, 2016
Group portrait of Nathan Leopold Jr., Richard Loeb and Clarence Darrow, defense attorney for Leopold and Loeb, in a crowded courtroom in Chicago, during the Leopold and Loeb murder trial. Benjamin Bachrach, defense attorney, is seated in front of Darrow. (Courtesy of Chicago History Museum)

WGBH’s “The Perfect Crime” is a straightforward retelling of the infamous acts of Leopold and Loeb, whose names have become synonymous with thrill killers.

‘When Breath Becomes Air’ Contemplates What It Means To Live — And Die

February 09, 2016
Paul Kalanithi at the Stanford Hospital and Clinics, February 2014. ( Norbert von der Groeben/Stanford Hospital and Clinics )

Paul Kalanithi spent his last year alive writing his powerful memoir “When Breath Becomes Air” about his life on both sides of the doctor-patient divide.

Powerful Winter Storm Swipes Mass.

February 08, 2016
James Bridger, 22, crosses BU Bridge in Boston during Monday's storm. He's visiting Boston from the United Kingdom and when asked about the weather here, said, "I've seen better." (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands were hit the hardest.

WBUR’s Morning Edition Podcast: Feb. 8, 2016

February 08, 2016

A podcast of what local features aired today on WBUR’s Morning Edition.

All Hail The Coen Brothers — And Their Terrific New Comedy, ‘Hail, Caesar!’

February 08, 2016
George Clooney in "Hail, Caesar!." (Universal Pictures via AP)

The Coen Brothers’ new comedy “Hail, Ceasar!” may have something deeper brewing beneath its slapstick exterior.

Analysis: N.H. ‘Wild Card’ Democratic Primary Votes May Propel Rubio To GOP ‘Establishment Lane’ Lead

February 07, 2016
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., speaks at a campaign event at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School on Friday in Derry, N.H. (David Goldman/AP)

Those left on the fence in New Hampshire are true wild cards. Only 12 percent strongly agree that they are voting the party primary they always vote in; 61 percent disagreed with that statement.

N.H. Voters Share The Issues They’re Voting For

February 06, 2016
Louise Graham, a retired school teacher who has lived in New Hampshire for 40 years, said her number one issue in this election is “working towards a more fair distribution of wealth.” (Hadley Green for WBUR)

Ahead of Tuesday’s presidential primary, our photographers are asking New Hampshire voters what issue most resonates with them this election season.

The Irreverent ‘Testament’ Of A Doubting Mary

February 04, 2016
Paula Langton in "The Testament of Mary" at New Rep. (Courtesy Andrew Brilliant/New Rep)

A New Rep production of the controversial “Testament of Mary” reveals the one-hander as a thoughtful, harrowing piece of revisionist Biblical history, says Carolyn Clay.

‘An Octoroon’ Piles Up Layers Of Lampoonery Like Provocative Face Paint

February 02, 2016
Brandon Green and Shawna M. James in Company One's "An Octoroon" at ArtsEmerson. (Courtesy Paul Fox/Company One Theatre)

In its examination of race and identity, “An Octoroon” is funny and fearless, says Carolyn Clay.

First Case Of Zika Virus In Boston Is Confirmed

January 28, 2016

A Boston resident contracted the virus while traveling abroad, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. The patient is expected to make a full recovery.

Photos: Hasty Pudding Celebrates Woman Of The Year Kerry Washington

January 28, 2016
Actress Kerry Washington, Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals' Woman of the Year, is kissed by actors in drag, Robert Fitzpatrick, left, and David Sheynberg, right, as she is paraded through the streets of Harvard Square Thursday. (Elise Amendola/AP)

Washington, who plays Olivia Pope on the hit television show “Scandal,” was paraded through the square before a roast was held in her honor at Farkas Hall — Hasty Pudding’s home since 1888.

At ArtsEmerson, A ‘Twelfth Night’ To Rock With

January 21, 2016
Ferdy Roberts in Filter Theatre Company's "Twelfth Night." (Courtesy Robert Day/ArtsEmerson)

An inventive “Twelfth Night” at ArtsEmerson surges forward with energy but leaves The Bard behind, says Jeremy D. Goodwin.

How Tarantino’s Cinematic Gambit With 70 mm Paid Off

January 11, 2016
70 mm film at Boston Light and Sound. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

“I really wasn’t prepared for the stark scrumptious pop that overwhelmed me in nearly every frame,” film critic Tom Meek says when he finally saw Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” in its intended 70 mm format.

Boston Raises Legal Age For Buying Tobacco Products To 21

December 17, 2015
Cigarette packs are displayed at a convenience store in New York. (Mark Lennihan/AP)

By a unanimous vote, the city’s Board of Health approved the mayor’s proposal to raise the minimum age to buy any tobacco or nicotine products from 18 to 21.

Mass. Medical Society Calls For Changes To Key Provisions In Baker’s Opioid Bill

November 16, 2015

One change the medical group is seeking: a seven-day limit on first-time opioid prescriptions, rather than three days.

Baker Defends Opioid Bill, Says Crisis ‘Requires Disruption’

November 09, 2015

The package also gained support from Massachusetts county sheriffs.

Tufts Health Plan CEO Jim Roosevelt Stepping Down

October 14, 2015

Longtime Tufts Health Plan CEO Jim Roosevelt will step down January 1, the company announced Wednesday.

To Help Combat Drug Abuse, Drop Off Your Old Medications At Drug Take-Back Day Saturday

September 25, 2015
Gov. Charlie Baker is urging residents to take part in Saturday’s national drug take-back day by dropping off their old or unused prescription medications at one of the state’s 170 participating sites. (e-MagineART via Flickr)

Gov. Charlie Baker is urging residents to take part in Saturday’s national drug take-back day by dropping off their old or unused prescription medications at one of the state’s 170 participating sites.

Audit Of MassHealth Finds Problems With $4M In Spending

September 17, 2015
Sean McGrath/Flickr

Bump says that more controls need to be put in place to make sure only necessary payments are made.

New Electronic Cigarette Regulations Set To Go Into Effect In Mass.

September 14, 2015
Beginning Sept. 25, those under the age of 18 will no longer be allowed to purchase electronic cigarettes, like the one pictured here, in Massachusetts. (Nam Y. Huh/AP/File)

Beginning Sept. 25, those under the age of 18 will no longer be allowed to purchase electronic cigarettes in Massachusetts.

Baker Enlists Help Of Medical Schools In Fight Against Opioid Addiction Crisis

September 02, 2015

Gov. Baker wants the state’s medical schools to better train students about pain management and “safe opioid prescribing methods.”

Report: Officials ‘Misled’ Public About Connector Failures

May 11, 2015

The Pioneer Institute report alleges Massachusetts officials “misled” the public and federal officials about the site’s woes.

SJC To Hear Petition To Dismiss Convictions Tied To Dookhan

October 23, 2014

The ACLU is asking the state’s highest court to dismiss tens of thousands of criminal convictions tied to former state chemist Annie Dookhan, who admitted to tampering with evidence.

With More Work, Less Time, Dookhan’s Tests Got Faster

May 15, 2013

Now-indicted former state chemist Annie Dookhan was by far the Hinton lab’s most productive chemist. We look at the data behind her output.

Marathon Lockdown Serves As Eye-Opener For Suburban Moms

May 10, 2013
Katherine Gekas, (left),  a mother in Newton, a wealthy suburban Boston town, and Tina Chery, (right), a mother whose son was killed in 1996 by cross-fire. She is founder of the Louis D. Brown Institute. (Robin Lubbock/Here & Now)

When a number of Massachusetts communities were on lockdown following the Marathon Bombings, some suburban moms gained a new understanding of the fear their inner-city counterparts live with all the time.

'Here & Now' Teams Up With NPR, Will Expand To 2 Hours

March 29, 2013

NPR is partnering with member station WBUR to expand “Here & Now” to two hours. It will also add a co-host, Jeremy Hobson, who currently hosts the Marketplace Morning Report.

Massachusetts ACLU Director: Chemists Are Pressured to be Prosecutors

March 07, 2013
Masssachusetts ACLU Director Matthew Segal speaks about Drug Lab Scandal

support wbur today Above: WBUR’s Deb Becker interviews Massachusetts ACLU Director Matthew Segal in March of 2013. The American Civil Liberties Union says the drug lab crisis shows that pressure was put on chemist Annie Dookhan and others to help prosecute drug cases. The ACLU has filed a brief with the state Supreme Judicial Court […]

Mass. High Court Expected To Hear Drug Lab Appeal Case In April

February 21, 2013
Annie Dookhan leaves Suffolk Superior Court after being arraigned Dec. 20, 2012. Photo by Joe Spurr / WBUR

The Supreme Judicial Court is expected to review a case that challenges the way the state is handling criminal cases related to the drug lab crisis.

Former Middlesex DA: Bad Lab Protocols Likely To Expand Volume Of Tainted Cases

February 07, 2013
Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone speak about Drug Lab Scandal

“We’ve moved away from it being one rogue chemist to a lab that had insufficient practices, policies and protocols — to an extent that leads us to believe that there are more cases that are going to be compromised than those signed off on by Annie Dookhan.”

Essex County DA: ‘It’s My Duty to Review Drug Lab Cases One by One’

January 28, 2013

“Most of these cases have accompanying charges of violence. No district attorney in Massachusetts is going to have somebody spend one more day in jail because of a case where Dookhan was primary chemist and the only charges were drug charges. I believe its my duty and obligation to review these cases one at a time.”

Mass. Republicans Seek Drug Lab Oversight Board

January 16, 2013

The board would oversee all criminal forensic services in Massachusetts.

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