Maria Garcia

ARTery Reporter

Maria Garcia began her reporting career in El Paso, Texas, where she covered border politics and policy for more than 10 years.

She started as a 19-year-old intern at ABC-7 in El Paso, and worked her way to lead investigative reporter and the youngest anchor of a 35-minute roundtable discussion program. Maria broke and investigated several big stories, including the mysterious loss of nearly $30 million at city hall and lack of financial reporting by public officials. Her stories often led to community action, including a city ethics investigation, reform of bidding rules and performance improvement plans for high level city officials.

After a decade of political reporting, Maria decided to pursue another long-standing passion: arts journalism.

She, her toddler son Jael, and her fiancé Eddie, headed to New York City, where Maria attended Columbia Journalism School and earned a Master of Arts in journalism, with a focus on arts and culture reporting. After Columbia, Maria joined WBUR. She is interested in arts reporting in New England’s underrepresented areas, as well as investigative stories about Boston’s legacy arts institutions.

Maria believes art doesn’t exist in a vacuum. She’s always looking for stories about art that intersect with science, race, politics and communities.