Analysis: Brown And Warren Debate

BOSTON — It was a feisty affair as the U.S. Senate candidates, Republican Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, faced off Thursday night in the first of four televised debates.

They clashed over many issues: jobs, taxes, equal pay for women, energy and environmental policy, a nuclear Iran, and more.

WBUR’s political analysts, Democrat Dan Payne and Republican Todd Domke, joined Morning Edition to discuss the debate.

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  • Pcastald

    Those who feel the Warren/Brown debate was a draw would have noted  (if they had lived in Hitler’s Germany) that “Hitler is doing OK, but seems a bit harsh to the Jews..”  Being fair minded has become confused once again with being empty headed.  Scott Brown tried desperately to avoid the debate, and when you saw his performance you knew why: Beside being against Indians and running away from a voting record which favors the rich and attacks women’s access to birth control, he had nothing to say.  The 700K jobs which would be lost by taxing the richest Americans at the rate they paid under Clinton is a fairy tale.  Dismissing Warren’s plans for a better America as “tax, tax, tax” speaks of a school yard fight between a bully and a smart kid.  And independent analysis shows Warren doing much better than Brown at debt reduction.  

  • independent voter for life

    As an independent voter, I find your unquestioned support of Elizabeth Warren to be over the top, and a betrayal of duty to be fare and unbiased. If we cannot depend on WBUR to be unbiased, where can we go?

  • Craig Corsini

    If high taxes and expensive social programs were a recipe for economic success, France would be one of the wealthies nations on the planet. Yet its economic growth has been anemic for years and it has stubbornly high unemployment. All its entrepreneurs have gone to the UK. The best plan to help the middle class and the poor is to improve the private economy with low taxes and less regulation. I know some people blame less regulation on the Wall Street debacle but actually it was the policies of Fannie Mae that was the origin of the Wall Street crisis. Scott Brown is by far the better person for the job. Bay State voters need to think about these things.

    • McKenzie

      Bay State voters can see for themselves that Wall Street incentivized sloppy mortgages; Fannie Mae is not to blame. America doesn’t run like France, and there are smarter places to trim the fat than social programs. You want to throw out regulation in general rather than retool it. Bad regulations and too little good regulation got our economy in a lousy place. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    • jefe68

      I guess that’s why the British economy is doing so well. Wait, it’s in the toilet and you know what the austerity and cuts have had a disastrous effect on the British economy. 
      France is actually doing pretty well when compared to Britain.
      Funny how Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden are all very similar to France in terms of social programs and are doing rather well.

      Your so wrong about Fannie Mae is not even funny. Where do you get this stuff from?
      Fannie Mae was not even involved with the default swaps debacle in the beginning of this mess.  It amazes me how people have been brain washed by Fox news, really amazing.

    • Scootchala

      Apparently you aren’t aware of U.S. History…the weathiest Americans were taxed at much higher rates back in the 50s and 60s…and our economy was booming.

      • Greg6363

        Yes, tax rates were higher in the 50′s and 60′s but there were many more exemptions, loopholes and write-offs in the tax code that were utilized by high income earners.  Don’t believe the urban myth that the rich paid more in taxes during this period of time.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Boy-Bib/100003293916830 Boy Bib

    Brown lost his Senate seat, the minute he grabbed a hand full of the Native American slurs and stereotypes Tucker Carlson and Michele Malkin have churned out in their respective CESSPOOLS.
    I have ZERO respect for Brown any longer, and I once thanked him for his repeal DADT vote.

  • J__o__h__n

    “No question this controversy hurt Elizabeth Warren early on” — The polls on this issue have proved otherwise.  This is sloppy journalism. 

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