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Dear Sugar: Do I Wait For My Ex?26:09


In this episode, the Sugars take a question from a young woman whose boyfriend recently broke up with her because of questions about his sexuality. The letter writer is heartbroken and confused — and trying to figure out what it means and whether to wait while he figures it out.

The Sugars are joined by the sex advice columnist Dan Savage.

Show notes

[0:16] “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl,” Nina Simone, 1967.

[6:15] "Savage Love," Dan Savage's advice column, "The Stranger."

[21:08] "It Gets Better Project," Dan Savage campaign to inspire hope for LGBT kids and teenagers.

[21:57] "Savage Lovecast," Dan Savage's sex advice podcast.

[24:38] "Everything Is Green," David Foster Wallace, Harper's Magazine, September 1989.

[25:17] "Let Her Go," Mac Demarco, "Salad Days," 2014.

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Lisa Tobin Twitter Senior Podcast Producer
Lisa Tobin was formerly WBUR's senior podcast producer.


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