CPB Transparency

As a public media entity, WBUR makes every effort to be transparent as possible, in order to comply with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Below you will find documents and information related to WBUR's governance and finances.

WBUR is owned and operated by Trustees of Boston University.  The University is governed by a Board of Trustees.


WBUR Senior Leadership Team

  • Margaret Low, CEO and General Manager (
  • Joan DiMicco, Executive Director of Product (
  • Victor Hernandez, Chief Content Officer (
  • Kristen Holgerson, Director of Marketing and Communications (
  • Mary Hull, Director of Development (
  • Alexis Hyder, Chief of Staff (
  • Dawna Johnson, Executive Director of Administration and Finance (
  • Peter Matthews, Executive Director of Business Partnerships (
  • Dan Mauzy, Executive Editor (
  • Michael Steffon, Director of Membership and Campaign Strategy (
  • Keli Trejo, Director of Talent and Culture (
  • Karl Voelker, Director of Engineering, Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Operations (

To contact WBUR, please call (617) 353-0909.

WBUR Community Advisory Board

WBUR Community Advisory Board meets two to three times a year. Meetings are open to the public and as of October 2021, fall meetings will be held remotely. Dates and times for the meetings are posted on our website and announced on-air at least seven days in advance.

Please contact Katie ( for details on how to participate in remote meetings.

WBUR Board of Directors

WBUR is owned and operated by The Trustees of Boston University. Boston University has delegated authority for the oversight of WBUR operations and finances, as well as the review and approval of strategic goals, to the WBUR Board of Directors under the leadership of the Executive Committee.

Board and Committee meetings are open to the public. As of July 2021, Board meetings will be held at WBUR, 890 Commonwealth Avenue. Committee meetings will be held remotely.


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