An empty apartment at Brady Village in Agawam. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)


Sep 19, 2023

Mass. has a huge waitlist for state-funded housing. So why are 2,300 units vacant?

As Massachusetts grapples with a housing crisis, 184,000 people have applied for a home in the state's public housing system. Yet, units sit vacant for years because of the state's inefficient central waitlist and a lack of funding to repair aging properties.

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04:30Aug 26, 2022

Bans on outside police chief candidates raise civil rights concerns, officials say

After a WBUR and ProPublica investigation of Revere's policy that requires the city to hire a police chief internally, U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins and Sens. Ed Markey and Elisabeth Warren are criticizing the rule, saying it makes it harder for women and people of color to attain leadership roles.

Seize and Keep

In Massachusetts, prosecutors can hold money confiscated during civil forfeiture indefinitely, even when criminal charges have been dismissed. (Sophie Morse for WBUR)


09:34Aug 18, 2021

It's easy for police to seize money. Worcester's district attorney makes it hard to get it back

Under Massachusetts' civil forfeiture system, police can confiscate property they suspect is part of a drug crime and prosecutors could hold it indefinitely, even when criminal charges have been dismissed. Trying to get money back is so onerous, legal experts say it may violate due process rights.

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