The author and her late husband, Jack Thomas, on their wedding day in May 1992. (Courtesy Geri Denterlein)


05:53Sep 22, 2023

We were together in the twilight of his life. And that was enough

Geri Denterlein's husband Jack Thomas spent his final days much the same way he spent most days in their 34-year relationship: reading, writing, collecting recipes, gardening and planning ahead. "It was my life that changed," Geri writes.

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Sep 11, 2023

My ‘polar bear’ approach to the climate crisis

"I’ve lost count of the number of passersby who say 'You must be really hot in there,'" writes Sabine von Mering. But no one can actually understand what she's saying through the bear mask, so she just nods. "Yes, it’s too hot; for all of us," she writes.


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