No matter how you say it, it's thinking that matters.

Boston is a city of thinkers. Of innovators. Of opinion makers and thought leaders. The intellectual capital of the country.

WBUR is tapping into this extraordinary community — gathering a distinguished group of contributors who will share their best ideas and most insightful perspectives on Cognoscenti, our new ideas and opinion page.

Here you will find world-renowned experts in their respective fields, great writers and deep thinkers, as well as fresh new voices — young emerging talent that will provoke, delight and surprise you. You will find commentary on everything from global politics to personal musings, from innovations in technology to the latest trends in child-rearing.

We want to foster robust conversations about issues that matter, and we want you to take part. So join the discussion. Weigh in. Tell us what you think. Engage our commentators and each other. But remember, please be civil. Read WBUR's community discussion guidelines here.

You'll find plenty to agree with and plenty to disagree with. And if we challenge your assumptions or make you see the world a little differently, we will have done our job.

We want Cognoscenti to become indispensable to you, our digital audience — much as WBUR's radio programs are to our listeners.

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The success of Cognoscenti depends on you.

Cloe Axelson
Senior Editor, Cognoscenti

Kate Neale Cooper
Part-time Editor, Cognoscenti

Sara Shukla
Part-time Editor, Cognoscenti


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