Timeline: Safety incidents on the MBTA

The MBTA has had one safety incident after another over the past year. Passengers have experienced agonizing delays, personal traumas, injuries and even deaths while using the system.

There's no question that the transit system has decayed over the course of decades — though who is at fault for that lack of upkeep depends on who you ask.

In the spring of 2022, the Federal Transit Administration stepped in to investigate some of the issues and provide safety recommendations to the agency. In mid-August, the T took the unprecedented step of shutting down the entire Orange Line for 30 days to work through a backlog of maintenance work that the federal regulators identified as a core issue. Ultimately, federal regulators' final report released at the end of August found the MBTA prioritized long-term projects at the expense of daily operations and safety.

Here's a timeline of the high-profile incidents at the MBTA from July 2021 through today. This is not a comprehensive look, but should provide context to the current situation with our region's transit system.

WBUR's Aimee Moon contributed reporting.

This article was originally published on August 09, 2022.


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