Jack Mitchell

Digital Audio Editor

Jack Mitchell is WBUR's digital audio editor. He works on Project CITRUS, which explores the future of on-demand audio on emerging tech platforms.

Jack was formerly a digital producer for Here & Now, NPR's midday newsmagazine produced at WBUR. He started with the show as an intern, and the rest is history. He managed Here & Now's website, producing and editing digital articles as well as social media posts.

In 2019, Jack won a fellowship to work in WBUR's iLab, leaving his regular Here & Now duties for one month to focus on a special project.

He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2016 with a dual degree in journalism and American studies. When he's not editing Google Docs or writing Slack messages, Jack enjoys hiking in the White Mountains, running the stairs at Harvard Stadium and exploring Boston's live music scene.