The Wounded Child Within

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The Sugars are taking this week off, to focus on answering new letters. We'll be back next week, but in the meantime, we revisit this conversation about the traumas of our past and their role in our present.

Originally posted May 24, 2015:

Are we ever able to fully let go of our past? In this episode, the Sugars address a letter writer grappling with that essential question. At 68 years old, she is troubled to recognize that her life is still being influenced by her early experience with an alcoholic father. The Sugars are joined by a Freudian psychoanalyst, who also happens to be Steve's father.

Show notes

[0:16] “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl,” Nina Simone, 1967.

[3:02] "In Memory Of Sigmund Freud," W.H. Auden, "Another Time," 1940.

[7:35] Dr. Richard Almond, Amazon author page.

[12:33] “Wild,” the film, starring Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed, 2014.

[23:02] "Loves Me Like A Rock," Paul Simon, "There Goes Rhymin' Simon," 1973.

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