My Best Friend's Wedding

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The Sugars will be back next week with a new episode. Meantime, we revisit an episode about friendship with one of our most beloved Sugar guests — the writer Ann Patchett.

Originally posted July 10, 2015:

In this episode, the Sugars take a question from a young woman whose best friend since childhood is about to get married to a man she's known for only six months. The two friends are very different, and the letter writer worries that her impulsive, drama-prone friend is rushing into another bad situation. She wonders whether to confront her.

The Sugars are joined by the author Ann Patchett, who has written beautifully about friendship and has herself faced the questions of when and how to get involved in friends' lives.

Show notes

[5:07] "She reminds me of Julia Roberts from Runaway Bride," film trailer, Runaway Bride, 2000.

[18:03] "Truth & Beauty: A Friendship," Ann Patchett, 2004.

[19:00] "You know, Liz has been a guest on Dear Sugar Radio," Dear Sugar Radio, "Episode 5: The Family We Carry," featuring Elizabeth Gilbert.

[30:19] "Somewhat like Mary Karr, it's like, 'Bam!' You're gonna get it," Dear Sugar Radio, "Episode 9: Former Hellraisers (Should We Share Our Past With Our Children?)," featuring Mary Karr.

[35:32] "You're My Best Friend," Queen, "A Night At The Opera," 1975.

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