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Wedding Drama, Part 2: The Big Day40:52


Most of the questions the Sugars receive about weddings are about the drama that precedes them — the expectations in the build up to the big day.

But that doesn't mean Wedding Day is drama-free. There just isn't much to be done about it at that point. As Cheryl says, it's like a ball rolling down a hill. The Sugars bring in the ultimate witness to wedding-day drama: Lois Smith Brady, the founding columnist of the Vows section in The New York Times.

She shares some of her favorite stories from two decades of wedding crashing, and helps the Sugars in answering a question from a young woman whose family life imploded around her big day.

(One of the stories is about a bride who went ahead with her reception despite the wedding being called off. Here's that story as it appeared in The New York Times.)

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