Days 5 & 6: The Fourth Murder And A Carjacking Victim's Harrowing Account

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The Finish Line podcast is hosted by WBUR’s David Boeri and The Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen, who share their insights and analysis in the federal death penalty trial of admitted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

When we talk about the Boston Marathon bombing, we talk about the 260 people who were injured, and the three people who were killed that day. But there was also a fourth murder that occurred three days later - the point-blank shooting of an MIT police officer. In Week 2, the trial has turned to that shooting and the carjacking that followed. Boeri and Cullen recap the dramatic testimony of the carjack victim, who took the stand to give a riveting account of his hours as a captive of the Tsarnaev brothers.


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