Last Seen Returns For Season 2: An Anthology Of Missing People, Places And Things

"Last Seen": Season 2 will tell the stories of people, places and things that have gone missing.
"Last Seen": Season 2 will tell the stories of people, places and things that have gone missing.

In 2018, WBUR and the Boston Globe joined forces to investigate the largest unsolved art heist in history: the theft of 13 irreplaceable artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Thirty-one years later, the stolen art remains at large.

This fall, WBUR’s Last Seen returns to a podcast feed near you. And for Season 2, we’re launching something brand new: a curated anthology of true stories about all kinds of people, places and things that have gone... missing.

Last Seen: Season 2 invites listeners into a world of real-life, twisted tales of what’s disappeared — with or without a trace. We’ll feature a potpourri of stories from Cape Cod to Death Valley, from Geneva to the edge of the solar system, all told by WBUR reporters and independent collaborators, deeply reported and each with their own unique style, sound, and subject. These handpicked stories come from across time and space — from a surfer dude-turned-jewel thief to a bad actor in a community theatre, to an unforgivable crime against a tiny endangered fish species, and much more. This unorthodox collection isn’t just about everything that’s gone missing - it’s about what losing them means, why we keep searching, and whether or not they can or even should be found.

Look for our reimagined Last Seen podcast this fall.

If you’re a journalist with a story about something missing that you’re dying to share, we want to hear from you. You can find out more about call for submissions here!



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