Sounding Board

The Sounding Board is a leadership group of millennial fans and supporters of WBUR who provide strategic advice to organization leadership and champion the WBUR brand in the community. Sounding Board members help us assess, refine, and design station initiatives related to delivering multiplatform content to local and national audiences. Participants represent a variety of industries in the Greater Boston area, including technology, education, finance, law, non-profit, digital media, health and science, communications, and media.

Meetings are held at the station, located at 890 Commonwealth Ave, Third Floor, Boston, MA in the event room.  Meeting dates will be updated below as they are scheduled.

2019-2020 Members of the WBUR Sounding Board: 

  • Jenny Avallon
  • Tamar Avishai
  • Chelsey Cartwright
  • Ross Chanowski
  • Mareshia Donald
  • Katie Duggan
  • Tristan Foley
  • Emilie Golenberg
  • Adam Haar Horowitz
  • April Khadijah Inniss
  • Eugenie J. Inniss
  • Samantha Kaufman
  • Allie Kroner
  • Rebecca Leclerc
  • Jennifer Lord
  • Lydia Marik
  • Michael Omenazu
  • Nicholas Rachielles
  • CT Ransdell
  • Erika Sabbath
  • Kevin Smith
  • Laura Teicher
  • Raija Vaisanen
  • Bianca Sigh Ward
  • Taylor Yates

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