Geoff Graves

Chief Engineer | Broadcast Systems Manager

Geoff Graves assumed the position of Chief Engineer and Broadcast Systems Manager for WBUR in January 2022.

After high school, Geoff enlisted in the Navy, where he served as a sonar technician for six years on board the USS Virginia (SSN-774), a fast attack submarine. Geoff landed his first job in broadcasting for a cluster of eight stations in New Hampshire. He then moved to Massachusetts where he helped oversee broadcast and studio operations for a cluster of stations including WXKS-FM and WBZ-AM. He also spent time travelling the country building new studios and integrating recently acquired stations into a nation-wide broadcast network. He then moved to WBZ-TV engineering before finally landing at WBUR.

Geoff is responsible for managing all technical aspects of WBUR’s broadcast from when sound enters the microphone to when it leaves the transmit antenna.

Outside of work, Geoff is a proud husband and father. He enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time with his family.

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