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Paul Vaitkus

Production Manager, Podcasts

Paul Vaitkus is the production manager for WBUR’s podcast department and is responsible for all things audio. Working with the podcast team, Paul helps conceptualize show ideas, implements procedural practices and develops strategies to ensure each product is delivered at its highest possible level of quality. Providing the best listening experience is his main goal. Paul also provides sound design and music composition for many of WBUR’s podcasts.

Before working in the podcast department, Paul was the senior technical director for NPR and WBUR's Here & Now. He has worked on podcasts and radio shows for WBUR, Google, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reddit, Futuro Media Group, Reveal, The Florida Center For Investigative Reporting and more.

When he is not staring at a computer screen, Paul is spending time outside with his Old English Sheepdogs, Korben and Nilsson, playing music and irritating his wife.

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