Last Seen: Season 2 Trailer - An anthology of stories about missing people, places and things

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Last Seen, WBUR’s popular true-crime podcast, is back with a new season.

Millions of listeners tuned into the first season of Last Seen to hear about the largest unsolved art heist in history at the Gardner Museum.

For Season 2, we’re trying something brand new: curating an anthology of true stories about all kinds of unexpected people, places, money, fish, planets, ashes, feelings, and many other things that have gone … missing. This collection is about what losing them means, why we keep searching, and whether or not they could — or even should — be found.

Produced and hosted by Nora Saks (Richest Hill, Endless Thread) — winner of the 2020 Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize recognizing rising stars in public media — and edited by Nick White (Lost Notes, The Outer Reach), Last Seen brings together a diversity of stories and storytellers from around the globe to explore the human soul through the things that aren’t there — mysterious tales of obsession, injustice, lies, and levity that aspire to elevate and bend the genre of true crime. New episodes drop on Feb. 1.


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