Last Seen: Season 3 Trailer - New mysteries about missing people, places and things

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WBUR's Last Seen podcast returns November 15, 2022, with a third season of mysteries about unexpected people, places and things that have gone...missing.

Season 3 features the work of four public radio reporters who are hellbent on solving the mysteries in their midst - both personal and political. From the hunt for a berried treasure, to the search for a real life Willy Wonka, a lost candy-making hub in Cambridge, and the origin of Quebec's most famous pie, to the fallout from a murder in Boston's Haitian community...this new collection of mysteries is sweet, savory and continuously surprising.

Produced and hosted by Nora Saks (Richest Hill, Endless Thread) —  and edited by Jeb Sharp (The World, Captured) and Monica Campbell (The World), Last Seen Season 3 can be found November 2022, where ever you listen to podcasts.


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