Hundreds Of Mass. Teens Evacuated Holocaust Museum After Shooting

This article is more than 12 years old.

Local school officials are reassuring parents that students on school trips to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., where a shooting took place are safe and have left the area.

In Danvers, eighth-graders from the Holten Richmond Middle School were at the memorial museum during the shooting. A statement from the school said no one witnessed the event, and that all students are safe and accounted for and were bused immediately from the area. They are continuing on their trip.

Officials from the MATCH Charter Public School in Boston said about 30 10th-graders were also there. They all evacuated safely as well.

Math teacher Jared Taillefer, a chaperone on the trip, said that when he heard shots, he quickly gathered as many students as he could.

"We just got with a group of 14 students and several chaperones and just sort of found a place to hide," Taillefer said. "We were staying down there and calling to the outside."

Taillefer said students were clearly shaken and he and other adults will talk with them about their reactions.

One hundred and sixty five eighth-graders from Swampscott Middle School were also on the scene. Officials in Swampscott said everyone is safe, too, and they've continued on with their trip.

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