Driver In Fatal MBTA Crash May Have Run Red Light

This article is more than 12 years old.

REPORT: NTSB Investigation Of MBTA Signals (PDF)
Federal investigators say a trolley operator killed when her train rammed another apparently ignored a faulty red stop signal.

The National Transportation Safety Board plans to issue its final report Tuesday on a fatal crash that took place on the “D” branch of the Green Line on May 28, 2008.

In advance of the report, preliminary documents issued by the NTSB indicate that one of the signals along the tracks may have been broken. The signal, indicated in the report as H-66, appeared to have been stuck on red.

The report says that the train that was rear-ended followed procedure; the operator stopped at the red light, waited one minute, then proceeded slowly. The light had last been checked a month before the crash.

The report says that 'stuck' signal led a light behind it to turn red. The operator the train that caused the accident, Ter’rese Edmonds, allegedly did not stop at the light and slammed into the train in front of her.

Edmonds was killed. Seven passengers were injured, including one seriously.

The documents say Edmonds did not have drugs or alcohol in her system.

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