Finding A Way Along Route 9: Framingham

Framingham is the retail Mecca of Massachusetts. We are here to talk about jobs and the economy — and take a local look at immigration.

Our trip comes against the backdrop of continued economic struggle, especially outside of Greater Boston, against looming budget shortfalls for the state and cities and towns next year — and against the very important race for governor in full swing.

Melvin Jarquin, 24, immigrated from Guatemala two years ago. He is here illegally. (Jess Bidgood for WBUR)

Opportunity And Risk For Immigrants In Framingham

After years of Brazilian immigration to Framingham, people are still divided about whether to welcome or discourage newcomers. Town leaders have had to walk a narrow line between enforcing the laws and building trust with immigrants. WBUR's Bianca Vazquez Toness reports.

Luciana Sousa (Martha Bebinger/WBUR)

Can Framingham Live With The Diversity It Loves?

Many Framingham residents celebrate the town's diverse landscape, ethnicity and economic base. But if diversity is Framingham’s strength, it also defines the town's current and future challenges. WBUR's Martha Bebinger reports.

Tim Hanna is the owner of Ken's Steak House, an institution in Framingham. (Lisa Tobin/WBUR)

Through Glory Days And A Retail Boom, A Steak House Survives

In the 1960s, the glory days, this stretch of Route 9 was the Golden Mile. And Tim Hanna, the owner of Ken's Steak House, has seen it all. Now his business is an island in a sea of chain stores. WBUR's Bob Oakes and Lisa Tobin report.

Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick, responds to a question during a debate in Braintree, Mass., Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010. (Josh Reynolds/AP)

An 'Optimistic' Patrick Touts Recovery Progress

Gov. Deval Patrick on Monday struck a confident tone when speaking about the state’s economic recovery, seeking also to reassure residents that his administration’s efforts to encourage recovery are focused on communities throughout the state.

Shoppers World is a sprawling mall on Route 9 in Framingham at the Natick line. (Andrew Phelps/WBUR)

Mass. Retail Economy Could Be On The Rise

Like the rest of country, the retail economy in Framingham — and Massachusetts as a whole — has taken a hit during the recession. But increased sales may be on the horizon if the economy improves in the coming months, says Kathleen Seiders, an associate professor of marketing at Boston College.


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