Gubernatorial Candidates Pledge To Help With State's Social Problems

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On Sunday night the four candidates for governor pledged to help with some of the state's worst social problems.

If they are elected, all four candidates agreed to help secure housing and jobs for Haitian refugees of January's devastating earthquake, to pull state funds from banks that aren't obeying the state's interest rate laws and to dedicate $8 million in their first budget for jobs to prevent youth violence.

Republican Charlie Baker said he would also expand charter schools to help keep kids stay out of trouble.

"I believe in giving kids, especially in under-performing districts and under-performing schools, every opportunity they can possibly have to get a good education and to believe in their education," Baker said.

Gov. Deval Patrick noted he has doubled the limit on charter schools, but said they aren't the only solution.

"If we don't get the district schools right, then we are not going to deal with the problem," Patrick said.

The candidates spoke at a forum sponsored by the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.

This program aired on October 18, 2010.


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