Why To Exercise Today: The Walking Cure

Globe reporter Beth Teitell
Globe reporter Beth Teitell

Why exercise? Let’s just say that I come from a long line of eaters—my grandmother once broke the back of a buffet—and if I didn’t move, I wouldn’t stand a chance. But since having kids 10 years ago, I’ve been too busy to fit it all in—to work, exercise, socialize and read actual books. That’s no way to live. So I started my own "walking cure.” When a friend asks me to have coffee, I steer her towards a walk. I walk to work (seven miles round trip), which lets me catch up with friends on my cell, and I save my favorite novels for reading on the elliptical, which gives me motivation to hop on. Walking isn’t for everyone, but the trick is to find something you enjoy, or a person you enjoy spending time with, and go from there. Off to the buffet.

This program aired on December 9, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.

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