First Live Birth Inside An MRI
I figure anything that makes me say "Ullp" out loud is worth posting...Fortunately, the video of the world's first live birth inside an MRI scanner is really quite tasteful — and I've rarely seen such a good illustration of just how much of the mother's body the baby takes up. This from, and the full report is here:

Props to the woman in Germany who this morning became the first ever to give birth inside a magnetic-resonance imaging scanner.
Yes, the prototype scanner was built specifically for labor, and MRIs have been deemed quite safe. But the woman still had to give birth inside one, not to mention wear earmuffs to block out the high-frequency noise. (To protect the newborn's hearing, the scanner was switched off as soon as the amniotic sac surrounding it opened.)
Woman and baby are both fine, according to gynecologist Ernst Beinder at Berlin's Charité Hospital, who tells the Daily Mail that the birth was normal and the scanner captured all movements and processes throughout labor: "'We can now see all the details we previously could only study with probes," he says.

This program aired on December 10, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.

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