Was Mass. Bidding Against Itself In Evergreen Solar Deal?

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Evergreen Solar. Even the name sounds like a promise of permanence: evergreen.

But now that name is synonymous with breaking a promise.

After receiving tens of million of dollars in tax incentives from Massachusetts, the Marlborough company is closing its factory in Devens — putting 800 jobs at risk — and moving its production to China.

And here's an often-overlooked fact: even before state officials persuaded Evergreen Solar Inc. to build its manufacturing plant in Devens, the company had been planning to set up shop in Westborough.

The new Massachusetts state auditor, Suzanne Bump, is promising to go through the books. She's just one of many people asking: did the Evergreen deal ever make economic sense?

WBUR's All Things Considered host Sacha Pfeiffer and reporter Curt Nickisch explore the issue.


This program aired on January 28, 2011.


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