ZIP Code 02446: 'Sunshine Cleaners'

02446 — 'Sunshine Cleaners'

(Thomas Hawk/Flickr)
(Thomas Hawk/Flickr)

Author Daphne Kalotay has lived in Brookline since the early 1990s. So naturally, the landscape and the people seeped into her subconscious. But when she wrote "Sunshine Cleaners" (PDF) she didn't immediately believe "the story was about Brookline." Instead, she said, "it was simply a story about my community."

"Sunshine Cleaners" and 02446 (one of Brookline's ZIP codes) kick off a new literary series, appropriately named, ZIP-Code Stories. It's a collaboration between WBUR's Radio Boston and The Drum, Boston's audio literary magazine. It's our effort to gather your stories about your neighborhoods.

Each month, we'll pick four ZIP codes and ask you to write a short story — 500 words — that takes place in one of them. Together, Radio Boston and The Drum will pick the best story from each ZIP code. We'll then ask one of the authors to come into our studios to read an excerpt and tell us the story behind the story.

Learn more about how to submit your stories at our Zip-Code Stories FAQ page.

Kalotay's tips for writing about 02446?

"Take out your earbuds out and open your eyes a little bit," Kalotay said. "Just look at who is around. Talk about fodder for stories."

What more inspiration could you need?

Check out the ZIP-Code Stories page

This program aired on August 8, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.


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