Daily Rounds: Zoloft And Pregnancy; Faulty Breast Implants; The 'Green Glue' Waiver; The Swallowed Pen

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Why I Quit Zoloft to Get Pregnant - 24 Hour Workday - ( '“Your son’s left kidney is dilated,” he explained. “It might be nothing, but we’re going to monitor it. We might set you up with a perinatologist if it doesn’t resolve…” All I’d absorbed was that my baby could be sick. I felt sickeningly guilty. I’d doubted even wanting him, so committed was I to my own well-being. Irrationally, I thought I was getting my comeuppance. I put on my cute Motherhood Maternity trench coat and power-waddled to the car with Brian in the cruel February chill. Our car was sprayed with sludge. I hoisted myself in, slammed the door. Gritty gravel lined the floor. My thin coat was splattered with gray snow. Everything felt dirty, rough, wrong. I just wanted to take a Valium.'

Health Fears Over Suspect french Breast Implants Spread Abroad (The New York Times) "Health officials in at least a half-dozen countries are grappling with the intense anxiety of tens of thousands of women who received breast implants that were made in France with substandard silicone — and that have been rupturing at unusually high rates."

The "Green Glue" of Massachusetts Health Reform - Health Stew - ( "As obscure as it sounds, the three-year renewal of the Massachusetts Medicaid Waiver, announced yesterday, is a "big ... deal" to paraphrase Vice President Joe Biden. The waiver is the essential glue that holds together the Massachusetts health reform project — no waiver, no health reform. And because the waiver is really about money, federal money and lots of it, I refer to it as the "green glue" of MA health reform."

After 25 Years In Woman's Stomach, A Pen Still Writes : Shots - Health Blog : NPR "Twenty-five years ago, a British woman who saw a spot on a tonsil tried to get a better look using a pen and a mirror. She slipped and the pen went down her throat. Neither the woman's husband nor her doctor believed her. X-rays at the time didn't detect the pen. Now, "they are eating their words," as NPR's Linda Wertheimer put it." (

The Most Popular Health Topics of 2011 - As for diets, it appeared that many Americans were looking to emulate the high-protein eating habits of many celebrities and tabloid fixtures. “Dukan diet” was the No. 1 search term in the fastest-rising diet category, followed by the “four-hour diet” and “17-days diet.” The Dukan diet, a protein-based eating plan developed by the French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, was well known in France but skyrocketed in popularity this year after reports that Kate Middleton had used it to drop two dress sizes before her wedding to Prince William. The diet has also been linked to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen. But it is not without its detractors. Last month the British Dietetic Association named it one of its “Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diets to Avoid in the New Year.” (

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