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Boston Fans Prepare For Super Bowl

This article is more than 11 years old.

Sunday night, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants will square off in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

In Boston, fans and businesses alike are going all out to get ready for the big game.

In Haymarket, if you have a hankering for, say, Ecuadorian avocados, you're in a pretty good place to find them. Despite the howling Saturday morning wind, the market is jam packed.

Making his way through the chaos is Kevin Mucci of Stoneham. When asked about the Super Bowl, he calmly explains why the Pats will come out on top: special Chili.

"Every time the Pats have won our friend Carolyn makes her special chili," Mucci said. "No pizza. Chili day. [But if the chili was missing], I'd have a bad feeling about it."

A few stalls down is vendor Pat Campo of Everett. Even though he's standing behind a huge display of brightly colored fruit, it's his Patriots jersey that stands out. It's incredibly dirty.

"Well, I've been wearing this No. 4 Adam Vinatieri jersey for the last five weeks," Mucci laughs. "And I've worn it to the last two playoff games and the Patriots have won. So it's not coming off until after the Super Bowl."

Alcohol sales predictably see a spike for events like the Super Bowl.

Steve McCloud, the assistant manager of Downtown Wine and Spirits in Somerville, says the Super Bowl beverage menu is traditionally pretty basic.

"[We] stock up a little bit more on 30-packs of Budweiser, Coors Light, the big three. A little more on chips," McCloud said. "And just up the staff on Super Bowl Sunday for the peak hours."

And Steven Bates, the owner of  Pranzi's, a pizza shop in Medford, says most people remember the three food groups for the Super Bowl.

"It's gonna be like a buffalo wing type day. Pizza, the dough. Going to have to prep all the dough, make sure we have a lot of dough on hand. And the cold cuts," Bates said.

Bates orders for the big game were already pouring in on Saturday.

In Somerville's Davis Square, the kitchen in Red Bones BBQ is bustling. General manager Nick Gregory says Red Bones plans extensively for Super Bowl Sunday.

"We actually reconfigure our point of sales system so we can have a line of customers moving through the restaurant and paying more quickly," Gregory said. "It's once a year and we never do volume like this. This is seven or eight times the volume of our biggest day."

Super Bowl Sunday is as much about eating and drinking as it is about football. So enjoy the game... and the food.

This program aired on February 4, 2012.


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