Tierney Addresses Gambling Accusations

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Congressman John Tierney is dismissing the recent statements of his brothers-in-law, Daniel and Robert Eremian, who say Tierney knew about their illicit gambling deals. Tierney says their tone changed after Daniel was convicted of racketeering, leaving Robert a fugitive.

"It was only after the sentence that Daniel’s anger turned to innuendo," Tierney said during a press conference Tuesday.

The Democrat says his wife’s brothers are just lashing out.

"I think they’re angry and bitter — Danny certainly at the sentence he got," Tierney said. "But I also think they’re angry their brother-in-law congressman didn’t make this matter go away for them."

Tierney says he knew his brothers-in-law were running a gambling operation but he thought it was legal.

And he’s calling accusations that he’s clueless unfair. Tierney, who is also an attorney, says no signs of wrongdoing were apparent, and that he does ask tough questions in Washington.

"That’s what I’m charged to do on the Oversight Committee in Congress," Tierney said. "I’m not charged — was never charged — to look at my brother-in-law’s personal account."

His opponent in his reelection race doesn’t buy it. Republican Richard Tisei says the Salem Democrat is insulting the intelligence of voters. But Tierney says he regrets that his constituents have had to sort through this issue, and that’s not all he regrets.

"Look, I regret having brothers-in-law. Frankly. You know, ‘Take my wife, please?’ I’d say ‘Take my brothers-in-law, please.’ But you don’t get to choose those things in life."

Voters in the 6th Congressional District will get to choose.

This program aired on July 4, 2012.

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