Mass. Legislators Reach Compromise On Health Cost Bill

Update at 6 p.m.: Hear WBUR's Martha Bebinger on last-minute negotiations:

Original post:

Massachusetts House and Senate negotiators have reached a compromise on legislation aimed at cutting health care costs, but the details won't be available until later Monday.

If approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Deval Patrick, the plan would mark the most significant overhaul of the health care marketplace in Massachusetts since former Gov. Mitt Romney signed a law requiring most residents to purchase health insurance.

As WBUR's Bianca Vazquez Toness reports for our Newscast unit:

House and Senate lawmakers will likely vote on the health care cost overhaul Tuesday. That will give them limited time to discuss what will likely be a complicated bill; all legislation has to be wrapped up before the legislative year ends at midnight Tuesday.

And there's more than health care to complete. Like college sophomores during exam time, lawmakers this year have left a mountain of unfinished business until the last minute.

That includes compromise bills on energy, transportation, economic development and children's services.

They also have to vote on an amendment handed down by the governor this weekend adding judicial discretion to a crime bill that would eliminate parole for three-time violent offenders.



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