Is 'BioShock Infinite' One Of The Best Video Games Ever?

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When "BioShock" was released in 2007, it was hailed by many as an example of a video game so sophisticated that it was becoming art. Today Irrational Games of Quincy releases its long awaited followup, "BioShock Infinite."  Has the company been able to repeat its stellar performance?

The New York Times says: "BioShock Infinite" is "Yet another video game that is a model of what the medium can achieve. This world — an alternate history with a dollop of science fiction that is set in the United States of 1912 — is dense, fascinating and inventive. The combat is exhilarating. The ending manages to be both mind-bending and moving."

Kotaku says: "'BioShock Infinite' may not the first game to try to say something about the very nature of the country it was made in--and the people who make it up--but it's certainly amongst the best. Some scenes reminded me of how people who looked like me had an unbelievable array of prejudicial forces from public and private institutions set against them. Yet, even as I played through those moments, I was reminded that America is a big experiment. That experiment in letting people chart their own destinies has sometimes made it so brother fights against brother."

What do you think?

This article was originally published on March 26, 2013.

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