Memo: Death Of Second Newton Teen This Month

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Update: 10/25/13:  Katherine Stack's death was due to "asphyxia by hanging" according to Terrel Harris, a spokesman with the Executive Office of Public Safety & Security Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The state won't comment further beyond the manner and means of her death, Harris said.

Update, 10/22/13: "The cause of death for Katherine Stack was determined to be suicide," according to an email from Terrel Harris, a spokesman with the Executive Office of Public Safety & Security Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It's another horrible tragedy in Newton.

Newton South (Wikimedia Commons)
Newton South (Wikimedia Commons)

Authorities say the death of teenager Katherine Stack, a sophomore at Newton South High School, "is not suspicious and there is no foul play." And while no one has uttered the word "suicide," it's no doubt on the minds of many students, parents and administrators today, following the death earlier this month of Newton North High School senior Karen Douglas. (Her death was described by her sister as a "suicide" on Reddit.)

Here's a letter from Newton Superintendent of Schools David Fleishman to the community:


David Fleishman
Superintendent of Schools

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also provides guidance on how adults can help children after a traumatic event at this website:

Dr. Robert Evans, Psychologist and School Consultant, offers five guidelines that can make a positive difference for children after tragic events. Visit this link for more information:

Riverside Mobile Crisis Intervention (781-769-8674) can also be called if you have concerns about the safety of your child.

For an additional resource, here's our post from psychiatrists at Massachusetts General Hospital on how to cope with the overwhelming grief of a teenager's suicide. And this from Temple Beth Avodah in Newton to its community:

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