Education Reform Group Launches TV Ad For Connolly

This article is more than 8 years old.

An education reform group has bought time for a television advertisement supporting City Councilor At-Large John Connolly in the Boston mayoral race.

The group, Democrats for Education Reform, DFER, endorsed Connolly in the 12-way preliminary election this summer and began canvassing on his behalf.

When a second education reform group, Stand for Children, endorsed Connolly with plans to make a large independent expenditure, there was an uproar about outside influence in the race.

Connolly then asked both groups to stand down. Stand for Children has kept out of the race, but Democrats for Education Reform recently waded in again with a door-knocking campaign.

The new TV spot features an older, black social worker speaking about Connolly's commitment to education.

DFER has made a modest advertising buy — $85,000 on broadcast television and $30,000 on cable, with the spot set to run Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The group will evaluate the impact of the ad before deciding whether to buy additional time.

In a statement, DFER pledged to keep its message positive. Outside labor groups backing Connolly's opponent, state Rep. Marty Walsh, have attacked Connolly in a pair of mailers labeling him a "son of privilege."

Walsh, a longtime labor leader, has denounced the fliers.

This article was originally published on October 23, 2013.

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