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'Simply Unemployable' Video Comics Are Making It Work

This article is more than 8 years old.

Local actors Richie Moriarty and Matt Catanzano may produce comedy videos as “Simply Unemployable,” but they’re catching the attention of entertainment bigwigs, who are eager to work with them.

The duo produce hilarious web videos for Above Average, a YouTube channel affiliated with Lorne Michaels’ production company. Catanzano and Moriarty say the name “Simply Unemployable” was inspired by their first successful web series, which followed the misadventures of two friends trying to pay back a gambling debt by working jobs they found through Craigslist.

[video of Employment Through Craigslist:

The pair first met at a voiceover gig where they were both hired to record an English language program for Japanese students. “We were both hired to play Japanese boys,” said Moriarty.

“My name was Ichiro,” said Catanzano. “That was one of the most well-paying jobs I’ve ever had.” Their comedic bond was further cemented by several years of performing together at Improv Asylum in Boston’s North End.

“[Improv Asylum] is where I found my voice,” Moriarty said. “I think our improv training made it easy for us to pitch each other seedlings of ideas and then brainstorm together to grow the idea and see if it turns into a beautiful flower ... Do you see what I did there?”

Simply Unemployable videos are known for their exceptionally high production values and clever concepts, like this video about the ubiquitous noises in action films.

The pair are both lifelong comedians. Moriarty got his start in a first grade talent show. “I did a ventriloquist routine and told jokes with a stuffed dog named Troubles.” Catanzano says he was infamous at family gatherings for a particularly heinous Urkel impression.

As for the long term, Catanzano and Moriarty are focusing on making more videos that will entertain their fans and expanding their acting careers. “Short term?” Moriarty said, “I want an agent and a manager. Agents read WBUR's website, right? It's like Boston's version of Variety?”

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