RMV Restarting License Renewal Reminders In December

Starting with Massachusetts drivers who have birthdays in December, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will begin sending birthday postcards in the mail to remind people that their licenses are expiring.

The notifications had ended five years ago due to cost-cutting.

On Monday, detailing previously announced plans, Registrar Rachel Kaprielian said advertising dollars will support the reinstatement of the program that will result in about 87,000 to 92,000 postcards being mailed out every month to remind drivers to renew.

Each reminder will inform the driver whether they are eligible to renew their license online, or if they must appear in person at a registry branch. Licenses expire every five years, but drivers must only appear in person once every 10 years to have a new photograph taken.

“The Registry ended the license reminder service five years ago in a fiscal crunch; over time we have had to get creative and more cost effective in all aspects of our business,” Kaprielian said in a statement. “Today, supported by advertising dollars, we are proud to once again offer this service to our customers.”

Gov. Deval Patrick admitted during a radio interview back in June that he was among those who had forgotten without the RMV reminder that his license expired on his birthday. "That came up and bit me in the you-know-what too," Patrick said.

This program aired on November 25, 2013. The audio for this program is not available.


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