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Senate President Murray Will Not Seek Re-Election

This article is more than 6 years old.

Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray announced Saturday that she will not seek re-election to the chamber when her term expires at the end of the year.

Murray is barred by term limits from serving as president beyond March 2015. She was elected senator of the Plymouth and Barnstable District in 1992 and became the first woman to head the chamber in March 2007.

She didn't reveal her plans for after she leaves one of the most powerful political posts on Beacon Hill. As president, she is responsible for assigning fellow senators to committees and naming the chairs of the committees. The president also helps craft the Senate's legislative agenda, pushing bills and having a say in budget priorities.

"I will continue to serve through the remainder of my term, and I look forward to working on the issues that I am most passionate about for many years to come," Murray said in a statement.

Murray also sought to define her legacy by highlighting some of her achievements while in office.

"From protecting children and families to reforming our health care system to supporting economic growth and development, it has always been my top priority to find the best solutions for my constituents," she said.

State Sen. Stanley Rosenberg is expected to succeed Murray. The Amherst Democrat announced in July that he has rounded up the backing of enough fellow senators to take over as Senate president when Murray's term ends.

Rosenberg serves as Senate majority leader, a position to which he was appointed by Murray.

Rosenberg said the decision to back him as president gives certainty to what could otherwise be a contentious leadership fight. He said the fact that Murray is facing term limits helped speed that process.

This article was originally published on February 08, 2014.

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