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'Immigrants' Find A Home In Outer Space

This article is more than 9 years old.

To be honest, we’d been drooling over this idea for a while. The Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science seemed like the perfect place to record Immigrants, who have their own intense interest in space, both sonically and lyrically. Their music is simultaneously smart and weird, pulling from sources like sci-fi literature, jazz and their own cultural experience of “otherness.”

Given the technical challenges of shooting in the dark with nothing more than a borrowed flashlight, there was some nervousness all around. But the lights went down, the visuals went up and producer mR. id, rapper Theory Engine, and Planetarium Systems Coordinator Darryl Davis delivered like some sort of improvisational jazz group, pushing each other along. This performance of “Kuiper Belt” couldn’t have been more at home.

A special thanks to the Museum of Science, Boston and the American Museum of Natural History for assisting us with the visuals for the video.

Immigrants’ latest album, "Black Dada," was released by La Parca in late 2013.

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